Weekly Wrap-Up (January 19)

What a week it’s been. I’ve been completely out of sorts and rather grumpy. Actually, let’s just call a spade a spade. Bitchy. I’ve been extremely bitchy! Everything and everyone got on my wick like you wouldn’t believe. Massive thanks to my sounding boards (the shallow tribe, pea in a pod, kindred spirit and my book pimp aka the rather annoying one 😉) for letting me rant and rave and just quite generally being the best friends a girl could possibly have.

On top of that, last week I made the mistake of mentioning Winter. That pesky cold season that seemed a tad elusive at that point, which my big mouth obviously summoned like magic. Ugh! Cue hail, snow and freezing temperatures at a time when I’m actually starting to count down to Spring. Not cool Mother Nature!

Reading-wise, I actually thought I’d been incredibly productive once again. But no. By the time Friday arrived, I realised I had only finished one book. I even checked Goodreads to make sure. I have no idea what happened but at this rate, I’ll be behind schedule again instead of ahead and that just won’t do. Seriously, because February is utterly mental! 🙄


Well. That could have been a whole lot worse, I suppose. And at least, all three were brilliant. But still. Must do better. Reminds me of my school report cards. Ah, nostalgia. 😏


Oh, dear. Although … I personally didn’t buy any. But my book pimp (the rather annoying one) took me virtually shopping and we hit various charity shops and my goodness, it was sheer heaven! Drop me off in one of those shops and you won’t see me for hours! We got some very nice goodies, let me tell you.


One request that was actually approved for a change (Closer Than You Think). I was on a negative run there for weeks and considering a Netgalley boycott out of protest *. The other two I was invited to read.

(* : No, I clearly did not think that one through because obviously it would hurt me a hell of a lot more than it would hurt them)


Beautiful Bad by Annie Ward, with thanks to Quercus, for a blog tour. Yes, that’s my hand. Don’t get too excited. I’m looking at you, Zoë 😂


Monday : Shared an extract for my stop on the blog tour for The Liar’s Girl by Catherine Ryan Howard

Tuesday : Joined the blog tour for Changeling by Matt Wesolowski

Wednesday : Joined the blog tour for Only A Mother by Elisabeth Carpenter and shared My Week in Books

Thursday : Hosted a stop on the blog tour for Red Snow by Will Dean

Friday : Joined the blog tour for Deep Dirty Truth by Steph Broadribb

Saturday : Took a day off.

Sunday : Weekly Wrap-Up


Monday : Review | Bridge to Burn by Rachel Amphlett

Tuesday : Review | Blackberry and Wild Rose by Sonia Velton

Wednesday : This Weeks in Books

Thursday : Review | Gone By Midnight by Candice Fox

Friday : Blog tour | Review | The Woman Inside by E.G. Scott

Saturday : Blog tour | Review | A Promise to the Dead by Victoria Jenkins

Sunday : Blog tour | Extract | In Safe Hands by J.P. Carter
Sunday : Weekly Wrap-Up

I say I’ll be posting reviews but well, let’s just say my review pile hasn’t exactly gone down so if they don’t get written, there will obviously be no posts. 😂

Question of the week : Prompted by a conversation earlier this week, I’m wondering about star ratings and rounding up or down. I only use star ratings on Goodreads, Netgalley and Amazon because I don’t have a choice. I’d rather not use them at all. I’d like to think my reviews give you a fairly good idea on what I thought of a book, so I don’t use them on my blog.

Up until now, I’ve been rounding up. But the rather annoying one made a very valid point a few days ago. It’s rare but it happens 😉.

Let’s say you give a book 4.5 stars. I have been rounding that up to 5 but others would turn it into a 4. The reasoning is, if you really loved the book that much, you’d give it 5 stars and not 4.5. So there was something that held you back from finding it “perfect”. Thus, round down to 4. That makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? Yet, I can’t seem to do it. I’ve always rounded up. I’m pretty sure it’s what I was taught in school, although that was such a long time ago that my memories could be slightly blurry. So, what do you do? Up, down, don’t care? These are serious questions, people!

Right. Enough babble. Must read! If I’m even more quiet than usual around various parts of the internet this week, don’t worry. I’ll either be reading, trying to catch up. Or I’ll be trying not to shoot my mouth off and hurt people’s feelings. 😂

Hope you all have a fabulous week! See you next time! Happy reading! xx

Weekly Wrap-Up (January 12)

Oh, January. Why are you so dreary, miserable and long?! Although, has anyone seen Winter? It feels as if we’re stuck in a never-ending Autumn and as much as I hate the cold that Winter brings, I kind of miss it.

Anyway, I thought I had been hugely productive this past week but looking back as I write this wrap-up, it turns out I wasn’t. But at least I’m still reading! Let’s just not talk about the pile of reviews that keeps stacking up.


I know, I know, six isn’t bad at all but I honestly thought I’d read more than that. At least I finished my first ever audiobook! Go me! 🤣


Book buying mojo still working like a charm! I may also have somewhere in the region of 14 pre-orders but who’s counting?


One for a blog tour, one I was invited to read and one because it was a “read now”. Sometimes it’s as simple as that.


Monday : Nada

Tuesday : Joined the blog tour For The Missing by Lina Bengtsdotter

Wednesday : Hosted a stop on the blog tour for The Man With No Face by Peter May and shared my Week in Books

Thursday : Joined the blog tour for Tell Me A Secret by Jane Fallon and re-shared my review for Too Close to Breathe by Olivia Kiernan for paperback publication day.

Friday : Author Sibel Hodge visited my blog on the blog tour for The Disappeared to talk about her writing day.

Saturday : I had a day off.

Sunday : Weekly Wrap-Up


Monday : Blog tour | Extract | The Liar’s Girl by Catherine Ryan Howard

Tuesday : Blog tour | Review | Changeling by Matt Wesolowski

Wednesday : Blog tour | Review | Only A Mother by Elizabeth Carpenter

Thursday : Blog tour | Review | Red Snow by Will Dean

Friday : Blog tour | Review | Deep Dirty Truth by Steph Broadribb

Saturday : Day off

Sunday : Weekly Wrap-Up

Hm. The talk I had with myself regarding blog tours was obviously hugely successful 🙄

Right, I get to spend a wonderful (note the sarcasm) afternoon with the mother-in-law. Somehow that still sounds more pleasant than writing reviews though. 🤔

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! Have a fabulous week and I wish you lots of happy reading! Until next time! xx

Weekly Wrap-Up (January 5)

Hello and welcome to the first weekly wrap-up of the shiny new year. First, let me wish you all an incredibly fabulous 2019! May you all be surrounded by love, friendship and books! And wine. Just me? Okay.

Hold on to your seats because yes, I have actually been reading! Not a lot over the holidays though. I spent almost two weeks on what’s basically a novella and I admit, I was getting slightly worried there. But things seem to be on the up this week. Now if only my reviewing mojo would cooperate, I’d be golden!


Hm. Not exactly impressive but I’ll take it! I say that because two of those are so short, they should have been a breeze. And for the curious amongst you, it was Miss Marley that took me so long to finish. Not because it was bad. I just kept getting distracted by other things that seemed much more fun at the time.


Book buying mojo INTACT! 😂

Two of those are pre-orders : The Hunting Party and After The End. The Jane Austen is a Knickerbocker Classics set and I’m totally in love with it. I bought the Charles Dickens one last year as well. Some I was told to get by my very own evil enabler and finally, The Snowman is a …. wait for it … audiobook. For entirely obvious and shallow reasons, as it’s narrated by Richard Armitage. 😍


None. My requests keep getting denied. Why do they hate me?! 🤣

No book post either so let’s quickly move on!


A slow one after my break.

Wednesday : This Week in Books

Thursday : I shared some of my most anticipated books of 2019

Friday : My first blog tour of the year was The Illumination of Ursula Flight


Monday : Nothing planned

Tuesday : Blog tour | Review | For The Missing by Lina Bengtsdotter

Wednesday : Blog tour | Review | The Man With No Face by Peter May

Thursday : Blog tour | Review | Tell Me A Secret by Jane Fallon

Friday : Blog tour | Guest Post | The Disappeared by Sibel Hodge

Saturday : Unless I am on a blog tour, this may become a weekly day off.

Sunday : Weekly Wrap-Up

Good thing I’ve managed to sign up for less blog tours, eh? 🙄😂

And that’s it for the first week of January. I have a New Year’s dinner to attend later on that I’m not looking forward to at all. But there will be wine, so there’s that. Fair warning (and apologies in advance) to those I send messages to when I get bored. 😉😂

Alright, 2019! Let’s do this! See you all next week! Happy reading! xx

Weekly Wrap-Up (December 23)

Hear ye, hear ye! (I don’t know, just go with it)

This will be my final wrap-up of the year. That’s right, I’m taking a wee break. Considering the past few weeks, I doubt many will notice a difference but I figured a fair warning was the least I could do. I am determined to get a head start on my January reading schedule. Which would quite frankly be going a heck of a lot better if I didn’t accidentally read from my February schedule instead 🙄

I won’t be disappearing completely. I’ll still be around sharing your posts, popping up on social media from time to time. But most of all, I shall be reading and spreading the Christmas germs. Cheer! I meant cheer! 🤧

Yes, yes, blah blah, Eva, have you been reading lately though? The answer to that burning question is yes. But not that much. As you will see below, bearing in mind my last wrap-up was on December 2nd. Oops.


Bit sad, isn’t it? One of those took me almost two weeks to read and it wasn’t even a bad one.


Looks like someone is collecting some classics.


And only one of those is for a blog tour! Go me!

I’m not doing a round-up of my posts from these past few weeks and since I’m taking a blogging break, there’s nothing to look forward to either 😄

Normal service will resume on January 2nd, when I will be sharing some of my most anticipated books of 2019.

In the meantime, all that’s left for me to do is to say thank you! Bookish and blogging wise, it’s been an absolutely fantastic year and a lot of that is down to you, dear readers and fellow bloggers. You’re a brilliant lot! I have made some new friends and I’ve grown closer to some older (not a reference to age) friends. I’ve been interviewed, was nominated for a blogger award and (in case you missed it) got my 200 reviews badge from Netgalley. I completed the 20 Books of Summer Challenge, desperately battled my blog tour addiction (and failed miserably) while dealing with a reading mojo that was up and down like a yo-yo. But through it all, there was you. And you. And even you! With support, with reading recommendations, with tips and more importantly, with laughter. So, THANK YOU! ❤️

I wish you all the most wonderful Christmas, a fabulous 2019 and as always, lots of happy reading! xx

Weekly Wrap-Up (December 2)

So, December. Ugh. I have no idea where the rest of the year has gone. I feel like I just sat through all that Christmas malarkey last week and now the season to be jolly is upon us once again. Bah humbug!

I set out with good intentions this week. I had plans. Plans that involved finishing my blog tour reads for the year and getting a head start on the ones for January. By Tuesday, I had read two books and felt incredibly accomplished. And then …. someone (okay, me, obviously) fell into the black hole that is Netflix and I haven’t found my way out just yet. I’ve been binge-watching Hannibal and have come to the conclusion that there is a huge difference between reading and imagining gore/gruesomeness and actually seeing it play out on a big screen in front of you. But I’m enjoying it immensely. In between gagging bouts and watching from behind my fingers. 😂

Needless to say, the list of books read this week is short. At least it’s not zero, though. 

Books I read this week

Two. I hardly recognise myself these last few weeks. Months? The force of the slacking off is massive.

Books I bought this week

One. And it’s a pre-order. It won’t even be published until February. I’m beginning to worry about myself.

ARC’s received via Netgalley

Peter May and Jane Harper are for January blog tours. The other one just sounded good. 😄

Bookpost that landed on my doorstep

I’ve been horribly remiss in taking pictures again lately. These two are also for blog tours, with thanks to Michael Joseph and Avon.

On the blog this past week

A quiet week once again.

Monday : Kicked off the blog tour for The Cold Years by Joel Hames

Tuesday : Nothing.

Wednesday : Shared my Week in Books

Thursday : Again, nothing.

Friday : Joined the blog tour for Cuckoo by Sophie Draper

Saturday : Nothing to see here.

Sunday : Weekly Wrap-Up

Next week on Novel Deelights

Monday : I don’t have anything planned.

Tuesday : Blog tour | Guest Post | Facing A Twisted Judgment by K.J. McGillick

Wednesday : Blog tour | Review | The Silent Dead by Graham Smith

Thursday : Blog tour | Review | The Memory by Lucy Dawson

Friday : Blog tour | Extract | Into The Night by Sarah Bailey

Saturday : I’m taking the day off 😂

Sunday : Weekly Wrap-Up

In other news, I managed to get my hands on the 200 reviews badge on Netgalley, which was one of my goals this year so despite my other goal of cutting down on blog tours being a massive fail (🙄), I still feel rather accomplished.

Right, I’ll be spending the next few hours trying to compile my list of books of 2018. Wish me luck!

And that’s it for another week. Next week’s wrap-up may either be delayed or not show up at all. I have a huge 50th birthday party to attend on Saturday evening and I have no idea at what time I’ll be home or what condition I’ll be in 😂

Wishing you all a fabulous week and lots of happy reading! xx

Weekly Wrap-Up (November 25)

Hello, hello!

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that there was no wrap-up post last Sunday. There were two, in my opinion, very good reasons for that. One, I was under the weather but more importantly, I didn’t actually have anything to wrap up. No books read, no books bought, nothing from Netgalley. No, hell did not freeze over but I’m sure it came pretty close 😉

Things went a little better this week although my reading mojo is still up and down like a bloody yo-yo. My “I must read these” list currently consists of three books due for blog tours in December. And that’s it. Why yes, I do feel rather accomplished. Thanks for asking 😉

So, what have I read this week? Let’s take a look.

Books I read this week

Four. For me, on the slightly disappointing side. In general? Progress! I’ll take it!

Books I bought this week

Actually, books I’ve bought the past three weeks. Kind of sad. 😄

I already owned The Secret Wife on Kindle but wanted the paperback too. The Snow Girls was a bit of an accident as I didn’t realise it was the seventh or eighth book in a series. And The Other Queen is my first ever audiobook! Because … Richard Armitage. Yes, I am that shallow. No, I’m not sorry at all.

ARC’s received via Netgalley

Three for blog tours, although one of them isn’t until next year, and one because I could.

On the blog this past week

Monday : Joined the blog tour Mavis and Dot by Angela Petch

Tuesday : Hosted a stop on the blog tour for The Lingering by SJI Holliday

Wednesday : Joined the blog tour for Good Samaritans by Will Carver

Thursday : Hosted a cover reveal for The Blameless Dead by Gary Haynes

Friday : Nothing to see here

Saturday : Closed down the blog tour for And So It Begins by Rachel Abbott

Sunday : Joined the blog tour for The Merest Loss by Steven Neil and posted my Weekly Wrap-Up

Next week on Novel Deelights

Monday : Blog tour | Review | The Cold Years by Joel Hames

Tuesday : Nada

Wednesday : This Week in Books (provided I read any 😂)

Thursday : Nothing

Friday : Blog tour | Review | Cuckoo by Sophie Draper

Saturday : Again, nothing

Sunday : Weekly Wrap-Up  

And that’s it. These aren’t getting much more interesting, are they? 😂

Question of the week : The new WordPress editor. Let’s discuss. I’ve been using it for a few days now and I must say it’s not as daunting as it first looked. I think I’m getting the hang of it. I’ve actually seen some of the plus points as well. Reusable blocks are the bees knees! So what do you think? Have you given it a go yet? Hate it? Love it? Let me know!

I’m off to spend the afternoon with my mother-in-law, who wants to visit a Christmas market and buy some decorations. What on earth did I do to deserve that?! 😭

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! Wishing you a wonderful week and lots of happy reading! xx

Weekly Wrap-Up (July 29)


This week I’m mostly glad to find I wasn’t roasted alive. Good grief, I can’t even begin to describe how bloody hot it was. I love the heat and glorious sunshine but this? I felt like the universe was preparing me for when I go to hell 😂

My reading took a little bit of a beating. Sort of. Serious lack of sleep and the heat (not sure I mentioned the heat) made for incredibly uncooperative eyes.

Anyway, I’m supposed to be leaving the house in about an hour so better get to it.

Books I’ve read this week

Still 7. Suppose I can’t complain.

Books I’ve bought this week

Oh. This is bad. So very, very bad. 😳

You may want to grab a cup of tea for this bit. At one point, I realised I had bought 11 books. Quite frankly, that’s a ridiculous number. Silly me posted about it on twitter, where I was promptly attacked by the most evil voices (you know who you are!) encouraging me to round the number up to 20. I resisted the peer pressure 😜.

But still … At least it’s an even number. Right? Right? *crickets*

ARC’s received via Netgalley

You’d think I wouldn’t request any with the amount I’m buying, wouldn’t you? Ha! Two for blog tours. The others were just too good to pass up on.

Bookpost what landed on my doorstep this past week

The finished paperback of The Confession by Jo Spain courtesy of Quercus and a copy of A Necessary Murder by M.J. Tjia, which I won in a giveaway run by Legend Press.

On the blog this past week

Monday : Joined the blog tour for A Mother’s Grave by Lisa Regan and also the blog tour for I, Witness by Niki Mackay

Tuesday : Joined the blog tour for The London Murder Mysteries by Alice Castle

Wednesday : Shared an extract for my stop on the blog tour for Kill For Me by Tom Wood and shared My Week in Books

Thursday : Joined the blog tour for The Lost Letters of William Woolf by Helen Cullen

Friday : Hosted a stop on the blog tour for No One Will Hear by Joel Hames

Saturday : Super Saturday saw me joining the blog tour for The Secret by Kim Slater and Whiskey Tango Foxtrot by Gina Kirkham

Sunday : Shared an extract for my stop on the blog tour for Playing With Death by Simon Scarrow & Lee Francis and wrapped up my (really hot. Did I mention it was hot?) week.

Next week on Novel Deelights

Monday : Blog tour | Guest Post | Death Rope by Leigh Russell
Monday : Blog tour | Review | The Getaway Girls by Dee MacDonald

Tuesday : Blog tour | Extract | 11 Missed Calls by Elisabeth Carpenter

Wednesday : Blog tour | Guest Post | The Cheesemaker’s House by Jane Cable

Thursday : Review | An Unwanted Guest by Shari Lapena

Friday : Blog tour | Review | Open Your Eyes by Paula Daly

Saturday : Blog tour | Review | Telegrams and Teacakes by Amy Miller

Sunday : Blog tour | Review | Murder on the Marshes by Clare Chase

Well, that’ll keep me out of trouble 😂

And that’s it. I ran out of time. This only took me almost an hour to compile and I should really go make myself look halfway decent to do that pesky socialising thing today. Wine! Give me all the wine! 😳

Wishing you all the most amazing week and lots of happy reading! xx


Weekly Wrap-Up (December 17)


One week until Christmas. That kind of snuck up on me. I’ve not even written any cards yet. Oops.

In case you missed it, Twitter once again decided to punish me and I spent a few days behind bars again. But that just meant I got a lot of reading done. Although, after having finished a book for my last blog tour of the year (OMGYAY!), I spent way too much time trying to figure out what to read next. Why is that?! It’s not just me, is it? Thinking “ooh, I’d love to read something from my own TBR”, then when I have the opportunity to do exactly that, I can’t decide what to read!

Anyway! Eight books read this week. Not too shabby at all!

Books I read this week :


Books I bought this week :

Wait for it! NONE! And I’m oddly okay with that!

ARC’s received via Netgalley :

This will probably be my next read. I’m expecting a heartbreaking story and I’d really rather not start the new year all depressed. 😄


Book post that landed on my doorstep :

All set for the blog tour in January!


On the blog this past week :

Monday : Hosted a stop on the blog tour for The Silent Children by Carol Wyer

Tuesday : Joined the blog tour for Foul Trade by B.K. Duncan

Wednesday : I was on the blog tour for Tall Chimneys by Allie Cresswell and posted This Week in Books, which I scarily stuck to again this week.

Thursday : Shared my review for The Bad Mother by Amanda Brooke

Friday : Posted My Top 10 Favourite Series of 2017

Saturday : I reviewed Spare Me The Truth by C.J. Carver

Sunday : Weekly Wrap-Up

Next week on Novel Deelights :

On Monday, I’m on my final blog tour of the year for Solitaire by Jane Thynne. I will also be sharing my reviews for books 2 and 3 in the Dan Forrester series by C.J. Carver some time next week and on Friday, I’ll be posting my list of favourite books of the year. Which I’m still working on because it’s hard and I feel bad for the books that might not make the cut. 🤣

Hope everyone has a fantastic week! Happy reading! xx

Weekly Wrap-Up (July 16)


This week was rather a good one. Read quite a bit, watched a lot of Wimbledon tennis and even managed to squeeze in some ironing.

Books I read this week :

Feel free to skip this bit, Lorraine 😉.

Yes, you’re counting correctly. That’s 10 books. I don’t even know how that happened.

Books I bought this week :

Sort of put myself on a self-imposed buying ban after the hubby made a grand total of the money I’ve been spending on books this year already. Not sure how long I’ll be able to last but still it’s the thought that counts. These two don’t count since they were free. 😉 (with thanks to El for the heads-up about The Puppet Master!)


ARC’s received via Netgalley :

Technically (😄), these two don’t count either as they’re both for blog tours I’m on.


This week’s book post :


On the blog this past week :

Monday : Posted a review for Dear Internet : It’s me, Avery

Tuesday : Finally read and reviewed He Said / She Said

Wednesday : Hosted a stop on the blog tour for Dying to Live

Thursday : Shared my review for Reported Missing

Friday : Reviewed Don’t Wake Up

Saturday : Posted a review for the awesome A Dangerous Crossing

Sunday : Hosted a stop on the blog tour for The Other Twin


Next week on noveldeelights :

I’ll be posting a review for The Art of Fear on publication day and I’m also joining the blog tours for Nemesister and Dying Art.

That’s it for another week. Hope you all have a great! Happy reading! xx

Weekly Wrap Up (July 8)


Bit off an odd sort of week where I was glad to escape into books and find my happy place. I’m glad to say that even though I’ve had one eye on Wimbledon, I managed to read a grand total of 8 books. Thank goodness there was no repeat of last week. That was just shameful 😄

Books I read this week :

Books I bought this week :

Might have gone a wee overboard this week but I’m stocking up for my holiday and my Beat the Backlist Challenge. Any excuse 😉

ARC’s received via Netgalley :

This week’s book post :

My bookdepository order for A Dangerous Crossing, which I absolutely loved!

 photo IMG_0101.jpg

On the blog this past week :

Monday : I posted my review for Western Fringes

Tuesday : Joined the Hunting Angels blog tour and shared my review for The Ludlow Ladies’ Society

Wednesday : Hosted a stop on Lesley Pearse’s “25 in 25” tour and shared my review for The Woman in the Wood

Thursday : Donned my #BandofThieves costume to host a stop on the 66 Metres blog tour and shared my thoughts on Camino Island

Friday : Reviewed What She Lost

Saturday : Joined the blog tour for The Stolen Girls

Sunday : Weekly wrap up time

Next week on noveldeelights :

Two more blog tours coming up next week, both for Orenda, with Dying to Live and The Other Twin. Other than that, I have no idea. I’ve been so busy reading blog tour books lately that I almost ran out of other reviews. Eek.

In other news, got my first Netgalley auto-approval which would have rocked my socks off had I been wearing any. I’m slowly going places, it seems.

Question of the week : How long does it take you to admit defeat and DNF a book? 100 pages? 20%? 50%? Or are you stubborn and will you just persevere until the end, longingly looking at all the other books on your TBR that you could be reading instead?

That’s it for another week. Hope you’re all enjoying the Summer (or Winter for those in other parts of the world) and I wish you all lots of happy reading! xx