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Welcome to my stop on the blog blitz for Keep Her Safe by Richard Parker. My thanks to Noelle Holten at Bookouture for the opportunity to join!


Author : Richard Parker
Title : Keep Her Safe
Pages : 329
Publisher : Bookouture
Publication date : January 11, 2018


How far would you go to protect your child?

Maggie’s daughter Penny is her whole world… and she’d do anything to protect her. So when Maggie wakes one night to find a strange woman in her home, she runs to lock herself in her bedroom with her child. But Maggie knows why she’s come…

Someone has been targeting mothers and offering them a choice: do as he says or their child disappears. This stranger in her home has until dawn to follow his orders… but Maggie too has the ‘choice’ to make. Can she put the pieces together to stop the cycle before her time is up?


When Maggie wakes up in the middle of the night to find an intruder in her home, she knows exactly why they’re there. The stranger in her house has until dawn to carry out orders from an unknown person to keep her child safe. But Maggie isn’t just going to roll over and let them get away with it.

There is no slow build-up here. From the first page, you’re thrown right into the action. Like Maggie and Holly, you barely get a minute to wrap your head around what’s happening. The pace of this cat and mouse game is absolutely relentless as Maggie races against the clock to break an absolutely horrible cycle of events.

Richard Parker has this uncanny ability and insanely evil brain that manages to take something rather simple and turn it completely onto its head. The whole concept is quite thought-provoking. How far would you go to keep your child safe? You can’t help but feel for these two women and the emotional rollercoaster ride they’re on. But what stood out for me the most, is how a story that basically only involves two characters could be so intensely gripping.

Keep Her Safe has a complicated plot that doesn’t reveal all its secrets until the end. Who is this wicked person who’s putting these mothers in these heartbreaking situations? And why? I had no idea how this was all going to turn out. Now I must admit, that the first half of the book had me utterly hooked as the stand-off between the characters was incredibly compelling. But I found the latter part a bit less thrilling. There’s a fair bit of running around and I couldn’t quite see where things were heading or why. Admittedly, I was one of those annoying kids who was always asking “Why? But why?” and I don’t particularly feel like I got all the answers I was looking for.

Still, this is quite the page-turner and a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining read with a satisfying conclusion and I look forward to more from Richard Parker.

Keep Her Safe is available for purchase now!

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A professional TV writer for twenty-two years he started by submitting material to the BBC. After contributing to a wide variety of TV shows he became a head writer, script editor and producer before turning his hand to penning twisted standalone thrillers.

Hollywood movie rights have been acquired by major US studio, Relativity Media, for his second psychological thriller Scare Me.

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Hide and Seek by Richard Parker @Bookwalter @bookouture #blogtour

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Welcome to my stop on the tour for the deliciously creepy Hide and Seek by Richard Parker.


Author : Richard Parker
Title : Hide and Seek
Pages : 393
Publisher : Bookouture
Publication date : August 31, 2017


The sun is out. Your little boy is smiling. The next time you look… he’s gone.

When Lana and Todd win a trip to Blue Crest Adventure Park, their four-year-old Cooper is ecstatic, but when Lana goes to meet them, Todd is out cold, and Cooper is missing.

No one stopped the man with the sleeping boy. The cameras don’t show where he went. Then Lana finds her family picture on an online map detailing bloody murder sites. This is no random attack.

Whoever took Cooper is playing a twisted game, and if Lana wants to find him, she must participate. Can she uncover her tormentor’s identity before it’s too late?


Author Richard Parker made quite an impression with his previous offering Follow You. This one is a bit different and I was pleasantly surprised as it shows the author is able to diversify and still produce a most excellent thriller. Think less gore and icky stuff, more deliciously creepy. With a character called Mr. Whispers, how could it possibly be anything else?

Nine months ago, someone tried to kidnap four year old Cooper from his garden. His mother, Lana, foiled the attempt but has been suffering from anxiety since that day. She’s also rather obsessed with finding out who tried to take her son. So much so that she’s often glued to an app on her phone that points out murder sites in her neighbourhood. Seriously? I shudder at the thought. So anyway, when the family wins a trip to an adventure park, it is the break they desperately need. But things soon take a turn for the worse.

The relatively short chapters make for a quick and fast-paced read. The points of view switch effortlessly between Lana and Todd as they both set out to find their son. Hide and Seek is a brilliantly tense ride full of intrigue and I’m pretty sure my forehead now has added wrinkles from frowning so hard as I tried to figure out what was going on!

This is a pretty intricate and complex plot and with twists, turns, a red herring or two and a satisfying conclusion, it all results in a truly enjoyable and gripping thriller. Bring on the next one, Mr. Parker!

Many thanks to Kim and Noelle at Bookouture for the opportunity to join the tour and for the advanced copy, which I received via Netgalley and chose to review honestly!

Hide and Seek is available now!

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Richard Parker was formerly a TV script writer, script editor and producer before turning his hand to penning twisted stand alone thrillers.

HIDE AND SEEK is his fifth book and is published August 2017.


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Follow You by Richard Parker @Bookwalter @bookouture

Author : Richard Parker
Pages : 379
Publisher : Bookouture
Publication date : May 26, 2017


You set the trap. Now you can’t escape.

When an online prank goes viral and triggers a spate of gruesome murders, documentary maker Hazel Salter watches in horror. But then Hazel’s childhood friend, Meredith Hickman, is the next victim and Hazel knows she has to find out what happened to her. Is it one killer or more? Random acts of violence, or part of a bigger, twisted plan?

The police have no leads, but Hazel has a theory – one she’ll stop at nothing to prove – and she also has a film crew. She’ll make a documentary, catch the killer, and give Meredith justice. Her stage is the abandoned amusement park where Meredith was found. Her cast are the family and friends the killer left behind. And her crew? They keep disappearing one by one.


This is one of those books I find hard to review out of fear I’ll give anything away.

We’ve all heard stories about online pranks on twitter in the news. Sadly with some, there are fatalities. And that’s exactly what this book touches upon, albeit even more disturbing, as this particular online prank triggers a spate of murders. One of the victims is Meredith, a childhood friend of Hazel’s. Hazel is a documentary maker and decides to take her crew to the amusement park where Meredith died, to shoot a film and interview friends and family. She hopes to find out the truth. But then her crew members start disappearing.

This is very remniscent of the old slasher movies so if that’s your thing, you’re bound to enjoy this book. While those movies were not for me because the stupid got on my nerves, I did actually enjoy this book but I think that may have had more to do with the ingenuity in the murders. This author has one sick brain!

There are no likeable characters. Not one! What we do have is a host of brilliant, genius and absolutely gruesome murders. Some scenes I had to read twice, to wrap my head around them and then I cursed my vivid imagination as my stomach churned. And you know what? I totally loved it!

True to form for this genre, I couldn’t figure out who the killer was but ended up suspecting everyone. Well, until I had to check them off my list because they started dropping like flies! I just felt a little disappointed with the conclusion. I can’t quite put my finger on it but I was expecting something different.

However, I really enjoyed this one. All in all, it’s a truly engrossing read with icky gore, that had me on the edge of my seat.

Beware of social media. Think before you type. You never know who’s reading.

Many thanks to Bookouture and Netgalley for my advanced copy, which I chose to review.

Follow You was initially published as Be My Killer on May 26th.

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