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I’m kicking off the week with a stop on the blog tour for The Secret Child by Caroline Mitchell. My thanks to Agnes at Midas PR for the invitation to join and to Caroline Mitchell for the review copy!

Author : Caroline Mitchell
Title : The Secret Child
Series : DI Amy Winter #2
Pages : 336
Publisher : Thomas & Mercer
Publication date : March 7, 2019


Four-year-old Ellen is snatched by a stranger in the dead of night. Her devastated mother, Nicole, receives four identical phials and a threatening note in a familiar scrawl that chills her to the bone. But she always knew this would happen. She’s been expecting it for years…

According to the note, one of the phials is poisoned. Nicole is given a deadly challenge: if she drinks one, the sadistic kidnapper will notify the police of Ellen’s location. The sender claims to be Luka Volkov but Luka is supposed to be dead, killed long ago in a fire that haunts all those involved.

DI Amy Winter is still reeling from the discovery that she is the daughter of a serial killer, and her childhood trauma only makes her more determined to bring Ellen home. When another child is taken, Amy finds herself in a race against time. To rescue the children, must she seek help from the one person she wants to forget…?


When four year old Ellen is kidnapped from her bedroom, it becomes clear quite early on her parents aren’t telling the police everything. This kidnapper is on a mission and Ellen was targeted for a reason. But what dark secrets are hiding in the past? Amy and her team find themselves in a race against time to find Ellen before it’s too late.

The Secret Child is the second instalment in the DI Amy Winter series and I felt it was even stronger than its predecessor. The storyline is pretty intense, helped by the fact I could never quite figure out what the kidnapper’s endgame was going to be. There are quite a few parallels throughout, between the kidnapper’s past and Amy’s. Hoping to find some common ground with the kidnapper, can Amy keep her past a secret though?

I must admit that Amy got on my nerves quite a bit this time around. It’s not surprising she has issues, obviously, and she’ll do whatever it takes to protect herself from getting hurt but some of the moments where she was lashing out angered me. I felt like grabbing her and shaking her and telling her to get a grip, focus on what’s what or who’s who. I quite enjoy it when a character can get to me like that though.

Speaking of characters that do that, the character calling himself Luka is one of those as well. Obviously I can’t give anything away but his background is so incredibly devastating, it’s hard not to feel for him. Even if the things he’s doing now are wrong, you understand why he’s doing them. It all begins in the eighties but those events have a lifelong impact on all those who were involved.

With a topic like childhood trauma and its effects, The Secret Child quickly becomes a tense, fascinating and gripping read. This isn’t just your average awesome crime thriller as there’s a remarkable depth and psychology to it that adds that little bit extra. It had me hooked from start to finish and I can’t wait to see where Caroline Mitchell takes this series next.

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Caroline originates from Ireland and now lives with her family in a pretty village on the coast of Essex.

A former police detective, Caroline has worked in CID and specialised in roles dealing with vulnerable victims, high-risk victims of domestic abuse, and serious sexual offences.

She now writes full time.

Truth and Lies by Caroline Mitchell @Caroline_writes @midaspr @AmazonPub #blogtour #TruthandLies

Delighted to join the blog tour for Truth and Lies by Caroline Mitchell today! My thanks to Eleanor at Midas PR for the invitation to join and to the publisher for my review copy!


Author : Caroline Mitchell
Title : Truth and Lies
Series : DI Amy Winter #1
Pages : 348
Publisher : Thomas & Mercer
Publication date : August 30, 2018


DI Amy Winter is hoping to follow in the footsteps of her highly respected police officer father. But when a letter arrives from the prison cell of Lillian Grimes, one half of a notorious husband-and-wife serial-killer team, it contains a revelation that will tear her life apart.

Responsible for a string of heinous killings decades ago, Lillian is pure evil. A psychopathic murderer. And Amy’s biological mother. Now, she is ready to reveal the location of three of her victims—but only if Amy plays along with her twisted game.

While her fellow detectives frantically search for a young girl taken from her mother’s doorstep, Amy must confront her own dark past. Haunted by blurred memories of a sister who sacrificed herself to save her, Amy faces a race against time to uncover the missing bodies.

But what if, from behind bars, Grimes has been pulling the strings even tighter than Amy thought? And can she overcome her demons to prevent another murder?


If you’re looking for a new crime series to sink your teeth into, then look no further because here it is!

You may be familiar with Caroline Mitchell from her much acclaimed Ruby Preston series but now she’s back with a brand-new series. Featuring DI Amy Winter, let me tell you this first instalment packs one heck of a punch!

Because Amy Miller isn’t your average detective. Oh no! She is in fact the daughter of one of the most notorious serial killer couples in history. How’s that for a resume? With such a refreshing take on the crime fiction genre, Truth and Lies had me hooked from the outset.

A young girl goes missing from her home. DI Amy Winter and her team quickly find themselves in a race against time to find her before it’s too late. But Amy has a lot more on her plate when her biological mother Lilian, who is currently in prison, reaches out to her. Not in the loving, motherly sort of way, mind. Think more taunting and playing games that made my skin crawl. Amy is forced to face her past, whether she wants to or not, and it’s not pretty. Fabulous childhood straight from the fairytales, this is not.

Amy has no choice but to play along with Lilian if she wants to discover the location of three more missing young women. But as with all psychopaths, Lilian doesn’t exactly play fair. She is so insanely unpredictable, you just never know what’s going to come out of her mouth next.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, there is one absolutely massive cliffhanger! Good grief! That’ll make you want to have book two in your grabby little hands immediately!

Truth and Lies is refreshing and original. With plenty of twists to keep you glued to the pages, this one is utterly tense and compelling and I just couldn’t put it down. It has one of those despicable characters that make you feel rather dirty and in need of a nice, hot shower and yet, I was fascinated and intrigued. In a perverse sort of way, I’m actually quite looking forward to more of their evil games.

This is the perfect start to a new series. Caroline Mitchell knows how to draw a reader in and keep them coming back for more. I thoroughly enjoyed this serial killer crime thriller and I can’t bloody wait for the next book!

Truth and Lies is available to buy!

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USA Today and Global #1 Bestselling Thriller Author.

Caroline originates from Ireland and now lives with her family in a pretty village on the coast of Essex. A former police detective, Caroline has worked in CID and specialised in roles dealing with vulnerable victims, high-risk victims of domestic abuse, and serious sexual offences. She now writes full time.

Set in Shoreditch, London, her DS Ruby Preston trilogy is described as terrifying, addictive serial killer thrillers.

Caroline also writes psychological thrillers. The most recent, Silent Victim, has been described as ‘brilliantly gripping and deliciously creepy’.

Her new DI Amy Winter series is published by Thomas & Mercer.

Author links : Facebook | Twitter