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Delighted to join the blog tour for Clear My Name by Paula Daly today! My thanks to Emma Welton for the invitation to join and to Hayley at Transworld for the fab review copy! Make sure you also check out my dear friend Rae’s review!

Author : Paula Daly
Title : Clear My Name
Pages : 293
Publisher : Transworld
Publication date : August 8, 2019



When Carrie was accused of brutally murdering her husband’s lover, she denied it. She denied it when they arrested her, when they put her in front of a jury, and when they sent her to prison.

Now she’s three years into a fifteen-year sentence, away from the daughter she loves and the life she had built. And she is still denying that she is to blame.


Tess Gilroy has devoted her life to righting wrongs. Through her job for Innocence UK, a charity which takes on alleged miscarriages of justice, she works tirelessly to uncover the truth.

But when she is asked to take Carrie’s case, Tess realises that if she is to help this woman, she must risk uncovering the secrets she has struggled a lifetime to hide . . .

We’ve all done things we’re not proud of.


Carrie has been found guilty of murdering her husband’s mistress and is currently three years into a fifteen year sentence. But Carrie has always maintained her innocence. Now her case has come to the attention of Innocence UK, a charity that devotes itself to putting right alleged miscarriages of justice. When Tess is asked to take on Carrie’s case, she realises she may need to face up to things she’s kept hidden for years.

Right from the start, I was hooked on the intriguing premises of Clear My Name. It’s a murder mystery but it’s also a cold case and I absolutely love those. For once it’s not being investigated by a detective or a journalist though, which I found immensely refreshing, even if the intent remains the same. The reader is right there with the team, going back to look at the evidence, talking to potential witnesses and trying to determine if there is even a case here.

This isn’t your fast-paced, action-packed thriller. Clear My Name is relatively slow and extremely character-driven but I found it utterly compelling nonetheless. I couldn’t at all figure out whether Carrie was guilty of this crime or not and could quite easily relate to the frustration Tess and her team went through when it seemed there were nothing but dead ends along the way.

These characters are flawed and in Carrie’s case, especially, I had a hard time figuring out if she was even reliable. But there is more than meets the eye and some of it is quite thought-provoking. There is one question in particular that has stayed with me, which I’m still mulling over in my head. Is it worse to have a guilty person walking the streets or to have an innocent one behind bars? I do so love it when an author makes me think.

I thoroughly enjoyed Clear My Name. It’s suspenseful, gripping and I had a hard time putting this one down, desperate to get to the conclusion. Throw in a rather shocking, and again thought-provoking, ending and you have a well-plotted and twisty story that kept me glued to the pages. I may even go as far as to say this could quite possibly be my favourite Paula Daly book yet.

Clear My Name will be published on August 8th.

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Paula Daly is the critically acclaimed author of six novels. She has been shortlisted for the CWA Gold Dagger for Crime Novel of the Year award, and her books have been developed for the new ITV television series, Deep Water, starring Anna Friel.

She was born in Lancashire and lives in the Lake District with her husband, three children, and whippet Skippy.

Wrong Way Home by Isabelle Grey @IsabelleGrey @QuercusFiction @annecater #blogtour #RandomThingsTours

Thrilled to join the blog tour for Wrong Way Home by Isabelle Grey today! My thanks to Anne Cater at Random Things Tours for the invitation and to the publisher for my review copy!


Author : Isabelle Grey
Title : Wrong Way Home
Series : DI Grace Fisher #4
Pages : 384
Publisher : May 17, 2018
Publication date : Quercus


Everyone in Southend remembers the night of the fire. Two lives were saved from the burning Marineland resort, while metres down the beach another was lost when a young woman was raped and murdered. The killer was never found. Now, twenty-five years on, DI Grace Fisher is handed new DNA evidence that could blow the cold case wide open. But what are the chances of really getting to the truth after all this time?

Meanwhile, eager would-be journalist Freddie Craig decides to prove himself by conducting his own investigation and turning his findings into a podcast. It will be good for his CV, and maybe he’ll even make a breakthrough in the case… Experienced hack Ivo Sweatman is flattered when the cub reporter turns to him for advice, but as Freddie becomes more obsessed with the case, Ivo starts to worry that the line between fact and wishful thinking is becoming dangerously blurred.

Just as a series of revelations lead Grace to believe the case is closed, a similar murder is committed. Does she have the wrong man? Or are there two separate killers to deal with?


How did I not know about this series?!

Wrong Way Home is the fourth instalment in the DI Grace Fisher series, a wee detail I didn’t actually know when I signed up for the blog tour. So once again, I find myself breaking my own rule of never starting a series anywhere else but with book one. Luckily, for me, this reads perfectly well as a stand-alone. There may have been a few tiny references to things I didn’t know anything about but as far as background goes, I’d say Isabelle Grey does a great job of hooking new readers without making them feel they are missing out on a truckload of information.

I came to the conclusion a little while ago that I actually really like reading stories about cold case investigations and this one was truly as gripping as gripping can be! Twenty-five years ago, a huge fire and the murder of a nineteen year old girl rocked the community of Southend. The killer was never caught but now, new DNA evidence may just bring DI Grace Fisher and her team a little closer to finding out what happened that night. But after all this time, is the killer still even alive? And if by chance there were any witnesses, how much do they even still remember?

On that same fateful night, Freddie Craig was born. He seems to feel there is some sort of cosmic connection between his birth and the death of the young woman all those years ago. Through a series of podcasts, he sets out on his own investigation into the murder and the mind of a rapist and murderer. Local reporter Ivo Steadman is happy to help out this budding journalist but things quickly turn rather creepy.

From corruption, to murder, to dysfunctional families, this story offers a lot of juicy stuff to sink your teeth into. What struck me the most though, is how Isabelle Grey never loses track of the victims in all of this. How events have affected them, how they’re dealing (or not dealing) with things. It added an extra layer you don’t always find in this genre, which I found just as absorbing as the actual investigation.

Wrong Way Home is a deeply compelling and engrossing crime fiction story. I really enjoyed my first introduction to DI Grace Fisher, although I must say that for a super investigator, she often seemed to jump to conclusions without any proof concerning more private matters and there was one colleague I felt quite bad for. She and her team work incredibly well together on the whole though, complimenting each other and all the while talking things through. The investigation wasn’t at all as straightforward as I thought it would be when I first started reading. Many times, I was convinced I had the whole thing figured out, only to be proven wrong.

This is a thrilling, compelling and utterly addictive story that I found pretty hard to put down. I’m incredibly glad I discovered this series now and I’m determined to catch up on the previous three books as soon as I can. Even though I really need another series like a hole in the tooth, I’ll gladly make some space on the shelf for this one!

Wrong Way Home is available to buy!

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Isabelle Grey is a television screenwriter whose credits include Jimmy McGovern’s BAFTA award-winning Accused: Tina’s Story as well as over thirty-five episodes of Midsomer MurdersCasualtyRosemary and ThymeThe Bill and Wycliffe.

She has also written non-fiction and been a magazine editor and freelance journalist.

Isabelle’s previous novels include two psychological thrillers, The Bad Mother and Out Of Sight as well as the first three books in the DI Grace Fisher series, Good Girls Don’t Die, Shot Through the Heart and The Special Girls. Isabelle grew up in Manchester and now lives in north London.

Author links : Twitter | Website



Blood Runs Cold by Dylan Young @dyoungwrites @bookouture #blogblitz

Well, hello there! Welcome to my stop on the blog blitz for Blood Runs Cold by Dylan Young. My thanks to Noelle Holten at Bookouture for the invitation to join and the review copy!


Author : Dylan Young
Title : Blood Runs Cold
Series : Detective Anna Gwynne #2
Pages : 304
Publisher : Bookouture
Publication date : May 16, 2018


When eleven-year-old Blair Smearton is abducted near a river bank on the hottest day of the year, no-one can trace the man spotted taking her.

Detective Anna Gwynne is back at work with her cold case unit following a brutal attack that nearly cost her her life. She’s investigating the death of young Rosie Dawson, whose bones were found hidden in a hole in the ground ten years ago. At least avenging Rosie’s murder, focussing on her past, can help Anna ignore her own.

The only lead Anna has is a photo of Rosie posted on a chat room hidden deep online. And then she finds one of Blair. Kidnapped. In the exact same dark room. The same concrete walls. The same stony floor. The killer is bragging. No-one can trace the photo.

Blair’s time is running out. But Anna has a contact who knows the dark web better than anyone. He’s the key to finding those girls. Can Anna get his help to find Blair alive?


When I read the first instalment in this series, The Silent Girls, a while back, I called it a fantastic start. Little did I know at the time that Dylan Young was holding a wee something back there. Because if you thought that was good, let me tell you right now that Blood Runs Cold is even better!

Detective Anna Gwynne returns to work with her cold case unit after a seven month absence due to events from the previous book. She’s investigating the murder of young Rosie Dawson, whose bones were found ten years ago. There are very little leads and the case has stalled. Up in Edinburgh, eleven year old Blair Smearton is abducted. Are these abductions connected somehow? Is there a paedophile ring snatching young girls? Or is there something else going on?

On top of that, Anna has a new colleague and boy, is he a piece of work. He’s causing a heck of a lot of turmoil all over the place with colleagues and suspects alike. And of course, and also yay (!), Hector Shaw makes another chilling appearance. Now that guy makes my blood runs cold! More than anything though, in this storyline I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the perspective of someone who may or may not have been accused wrongly of a crime.

Blood Runs Cold has a great pace throughout and an intricate plot. It’s dark, unsettling, disturbing and at some points quite uncomfortable to read. I can handle pretty much all the gruesome stuff that’s thrown at me in my crime fiction but there’s something especially horrifying when a case involves children. Not that this is particularly gruesome, if you are worried about that. It’s just the thought of what these young girls are going through that gets to me. Harrowing to say the least.

This is another delicious and intense page-turner of a crime thriller and a truly fantastic addition to the series. Utterly gripping and compelling edge-of-your-seat stuff that had me glued to the pages. Time is ticking away for Blair. Will the team get to her in time? Only one way for you to find out by grabbing your copy today!

Blood Runs Cold is available for purchase!

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Dylan Young grew up in a mining village in South Wales before boarding a train for university in London. A career in the NHS followed, but the urge to write never went away.

Three dark psychological thrillers for Random House emerged in the late nineties, two of which were made into BBC films. Over the last decade, under different pseudonyms, he’s written children’s books and an adult contemporary fantasy series. But his liking for crime (writing) never died.

Book 1 in the Detective Anne Gwynne crime thriller series, The Silent Girls, and Book 2, Blood Runs Cold, are available now.

Author links : Facebook | Twitter | Website