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Happy Hump Day and welcome to my stop on the blog tour for You’re Next by Michael Fowler! Many thanks to Caroline Vincent for the invitation and the ecopy!


Author : Michael Fowler
Title : You’re Next
Series : DS Scarlett Macey #2
Pages : 256
Publisher : Caffeine Nights Publishing
Publication date : November 9, 2017


It is the opening day of Detective Sergeant Scarlett Macey’s biggest case of her life – ‘The Lycra Rapist’ is standing trial for a series of brutal rapes. But things don’t go according to plan – the trial collapses – and James Green is freed. Scarlett is determined his freedom will not last long and immediately begins planning his downfall.

Meanwhile James Green has his own plans for revenge, and driven by feelings of hatred begins to pick out those who brought about his downfall – priming them for the kill.

Scarlett has faced many villains in the past, but never one quite as terrifying as James Green.


When Caroline asked me to join this blog tour, I signed up not realising You’re Next is the second book in the DS Scarlett Macey series. Now I’m sure by now you all know how I feel about starting a series anywhere else but with book one. (In case you don’t, it’s wrong 😜) Unfortunately for me, I didn’t have time to read the first one but luckily, I didn’t need to as this one reads perfectly well as a stand-alone. I didn’t feel I’d missed out on anything crucial. There’s enough background information to get the gist of what happened before without, I think, being too repetitive for those who did read the first book.

James Green is facing the court on a charge of multiple rapes. But on the very first day, the trial collapses and James is set free. DS Macey is determined to make sure he’ll get his comeuppance regardless and find evidence against him that will land him in prison, even though her bosses want her to stay well clear. Meanwhile, James has plans of his own though and none of them are good.

The focus isn’t entirely on this storyline though. Just like in real life, I would imagine, the team is working on various cases at once. They’re heartbreaking, shocking and frenzied and some will hit quite close to home. It’s quite clear that the author has experience with these sorts of things and doesn’t shy away from tackling the gruesome and brutal murders. This may not be quite your thing if you’re a tad faint-hearted.

Scarlett is a feisty red-head and makes for a fabulous main character. She’s determined in the face of adversity and will stop at nothing to prove James’ guilt. I also really enjoyed the way the author balances her time on the job with her personal life, complicated as that one may be. James on the other hand made me shudder to the core. He’s pure evil through and through.

This is a thoroughly entertaining (odd choice of words) crime fiction thriller. The short chapters make for a truly quick read, urging you on to flip the pages just that little bit faster. While I did feel that maybe things were a tad rushed at times, if you think your stomach can handle it, then I have no doubt you will enjoy this thrilling investigation!

You’re Next is available for purchase!

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Following retirement, after thirty-two years as a police officer, working mainly as a detective, Michael returned to the deadly business of murder, as a writer. His past work brought him very close to some nasty characters, including psychopaths, and gruesome cases, and he draws on that experience to craft his novels: There is nothing gentle about Michael’s stories.

His landmark novel Heart of the Demon, published in 2012, introduced Detective Sergeant Hunter Kerr. Michael has since written five novels and a novella featuring Kerr.  He also released the first DS Scarlett Macey book in 2016. Michael is also the author of a stand-alone crime novella and a true crime thriller.

Michael has another side to his life – a passion for art, and has found considerable success as an artist, receiving numerous artistic accolades. Currently, his oil paintings can be found in the galleries of Spencer Coleman Fine Arts.

He is a member of the Crime Writers Association and International Thriller Writers.


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Lines of Enquiry by Graham Smith @GrahamSmith1972 @caffeinenights


Author : Graham Smith
Title : Lines of Enquiry
Series : The Major Crimes Team
Pages : 104
Publisher : Caffeine Nights Publishing
Publication date : March 5, 2015


The Cumbria Major Crimes team is under immense pressure to get results. DCI Harry Evans and his subordinates, DS Neil Chisholm, DC Lauren Phillips and DC Amir Bhaki must juggle cases while tragedy stalks them. Up in Glasgow, DI John Campbell is
preparing to replace Evans, whose renegade ways have brought enforced retirement.

Together they must investigate a man killed in his own home, a vigilante group chasing a suspected paedophile, a river dammed for no obvious reason and a woman whose cries of ‘wolf’ turn to ‘rape’. Meanwhile DC Phillips goes undercover off the books.


I don’t normally read novellas because I always feel that just when I’m about to really sink my teeth into the story, it’s over. However, considering this is Graham Smith and how hard I raved about “Watching The Bodies” (which you’ve all read by now, right?!), I decided to make an exception and I’m glad I did.

This isn’t quite like any other novella I’ve ever read, which is a good thing. There may be few pages but they are jam-packed and there’s a lot going on. Not only are we introduced to some of the members of the Major Crimes Unit and offered the chance to get to know them, there are numerous cases being investigated as I assume it would be in “real life”.

This collections of short stories and investigations is a brilliant way of getting the reader acquainted with a number of characters and their backstories so that when you read the first book in the series “Snatched From Home”, you’re already familiar with them.

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting DI Harry Evans and his team and I very much look forward to getting stuck into this series.

Lines of Enquiry was published in 2015.

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Vile City by Jennifer Lee Thomson @jenthom72 @caffeinenights @TAsTPublicity #blogtour

I’m thrilled to be hosting a stop on the blog tour for the fab Vile City by Jennifer Lee Thomson today! Thank you to Kate and Noelle for inviting me and for my copy! Here we go with the all-important bookish bits.


Author : Jennifer Lee Thomson
Pages : 288
Publisher : Caffeine Nights
Publication date : May 11th, 2017


DI Duncan Waddell has big problems. He’s borderline diabetic, his boss thinks he’s in the Army and the paperwork is piling up faster than the underwear at a porn shoot. The last thing he needs is the country’s biggest case to land on his lap.

Three women have gone missing in the city he’s fast coming to despise, victims of the GLASGOW GRABBER as their assailant has been dubbed by local hack and all round pain in the backside, Catriona Hastie.

Shelley Craig’s the Grabber’s latest victim, snatched as she and her boyfriend took a shortcut through Glasgow city centre. And she’ll do anything to make it home.

Handling this baffling case is stressful enough without Waddell’s pal DC Stevie Campbell, who’s in a coma after being attacked by a suspect, starting to talk to him. Trouble is, only Waddell can hear him.


When Shelley and her boyfriend take a shortcut through the Glasgow city centre, things quickly go wrong as she’s taken. Shelley marks the third missing woman in the city. Who’s taking these women and why?

Vile City is the first instalment in a brand-new series that carries the intriguing title “Detective in a Coma”. You would think someone in a coma wouldn’t be able to contribute much to a story but in this case, you’d be wrong and it’s brilliantly done.

DI Duncan Waddell inched his way into my heart from the first moment I met him. I warmed to him and his delicious sense of humour and sarcasm immediately. Since his partner is in a coma, he’s forced to work with DC McKeith and they make a very unlikely team. McKeith is tall and all limbs and despite some moments of clarity, he constantly gets on Waddell’s nerves. But basically, the biggest mark against McKeith is that he’s just not Stevie.

This case and investigation was really interesting, well written and had me hooked from the start. There are some excellent twists and turns that I didn’t see coming at all when various threads started to connect. Jennifer Lee Thomson has come up with an engrossing, gripping and multi-layered plot, realistically highlighting the dark and disturbing world of modern slavery. Yet she also manages to effortlessly combine the depravity in certain scenes with a healthy dose of humour and to my surprise, I often found myself chuckling.

To be honest, I need a new series like a hole in the head but I’ll gladly make space for this one and I can’t wait to read book 2!

Vile City is available now!

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Jennifer Lee Thomson is an award-winning crime writer who has been scribbling away all her life. She also writes non-fiction as Jennifer Thomson and fiction as Jenny Thomson.

This is her first book as Jennifer Lee Thomson in tribute to her late father who passed away after a long battle with cancer. Books 2 and 3 in the series are already written and she’s working on book 4.

Jennifer is an animal rights and human rights advocate and has a rescue dog.

She also writes the Crime File series of books as Jenny Thomson. Book 1, 2 and 3, are out now. They are in order, Hell to Pay, Throwaways and Don’t Come For Me and feature tough rape survivor Nancy Kerr and her ex-Special Forces boyfriend who fight crime together.

In her spare time, she plans how to survive the zombie apocalypse.


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