Reviews by Author M – Z


Stuart MacBride – A Dark So Deadly

Stuart MacBride – The Blood Road (Logan McRae #11)

Dee MacDonald – The Runaway Wife

Dee MacDonald – The Getaway Girls

Linda MacDonald – Meeting Lydia

Michael J. Malone – House of Spines

Michael J. Malone – After He Died

Laura Marshall – Friend Request

Angela Marsons – Evil Games (DI Kim Stone #2)

Angela Marsons – Lost Girls (DI Kim Stone #3)

Angela Marsons – Play Dead (DI Kim Stone #4)

Angela Marsons – Blood Lines (DI Kim Stone #5)

Angela Marsons – Dead Souls (DI Kim Stone #6)

Angela Marsons – Broken Bones (DI Kim Stone #7)

Angela Marsons – Dying Truth (DI Kim Stone #8)

Angela Marsons – Fatal Promise (DI Kim Stone #9)

Paul Mathews – We Have Lost The Coffee (blog tour extract)

Gillian McAllister – Everything But the Truth

Gillian McAllister – Anything You Do Say

Gillian McAllister – No Further Questions

Val McDermid – The Mermaids Singing

Carol McGrath – The Woman in the Shadows

Emer McLysaght & Sarah Breen – Oh My God, What A Complete Aisling

Susan Meissner – A Bridge Across The Ocean

Mindy Mejia – The Last Act of Hattie Hoffman

Mindy Mejia – Leave No Trace

Randy Susan Meyers – The Widow of Wall Street (guest review by Christine)

Amy Miller – Heartaches and Christmas Cakes (Wartime Bakery #1)

Amy Miller – Wartime Brides and Wedding Cakes (Wartime Bakery #2)

Amy Miller – Telegrams and Teacakes (Wartime Bakery #3)

G.J. Minett – Anything For Her

Megan Miranda – The Perfect Stranger

Caroline Mitchell – Sleep Tight

Caroline Mitchell – Murder Game (Ruby Preston #3)

Caroline Mitchell – Silent Victim

Sarah Mitchell – The Lost Letters

S.D. Monaghan – The Accident

S.D. Monaghan – The Family at No. 13

Phoebe Morgan – The Doll House

Liane Moriarty – Nine Perfect Strangers

Heather Morris – The Tattooist of Auschwitz

Louise Mullins – What I Never Told You

Peter Murphy – Walden of Bermondsey (case #1)

Kate Murray-Browne – The Upstairs Room


Sarah J. Naughton – Tattletale

Sarah J. Naughton – The Other Couple

Celeste Ng – Little Fires Everywhere

John Nicholl – A Mind to Kill

Julia North – Hear Me

Liz Nugent – Skin Deep


Ann O’Loughlin – The Ludlow Ladies Society

Anthony O’Neill – Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Seek


B.A. Paris – Bring Me Back

Richard Parker – Follow You

Richard Parker – Hide and Seek

Richard Parker – Keep Her Safe

Gill Paul – Another Woman’s Husband

Gill Paul – The Lost Daughter

Lesley Pearse – The Woman in the Wood

Laura Pearson – Missing Pieces

Jodi Perry – Nineteen Letters

S.W. Perry – The Angel’s Mark

Helen Phifer – The Lost Children

Liza Perrat – The Silent Kookaburra

Sarah Pinborough – Cross Her Heart

Raymond Postgate – Verdict of Twelve

Gleah Powers – Edna & Luna (guest review by Christine)



Agnes Ravatn – Bird Tribunal

Betsy Reavley – The Optician’s Wife

Betsy Reavley – Pressure

Lisa Regan – The Vanishing Girls (Detective Josie Quinn #1)

Lisa Regan – The Girl With No Name (Detective Josie Quinn #2)

Lisa Regan – A Mother’s Grave (Detective Josie Quinn #3)

Rebecca Reid – Perfect Liars

Lynda Renham – Remember Me

Amanda Reynolds – Lying to You

Rachel Rhys – A Dangerous Crossing

Rachel Rhys – Fatal Inheritance

A.H. Richardson – Murder in Little Shendon

K.A. Richardson – Watch You Burn (North East Police series #4)

Kate Riordan – The Stranger

Emma Robinson – The Undercover Mother

Emma Robinson – Happily Never After

Emma Robinson – One Way Ticket to Paris

Shelan Rodger – Yellow Room

Stephanie Rogers – The Dark Place

LJ Ross – Holy Island (DCI Ryan Mystery)

Anne & Ken Rothman-Hicks – Weave a Murderous Web

Robin Roughley – Keep You Near

Catherine Ryan Howard – The Liar’s Girl

Jess Ryder – Lie To Me

Jess Ryder – The Good Sister


Riley Sager – Final Girls

Riley Sager – Last Time I Lied

Kierney Scott – Now You See Me

Holly Seddon – Love Will Tear Us Apart

Jane Shemilt – How Far We Fall

Lilja Sigurdardottir – Snare

Alex Sinclair – The Day I Lost You

K.L. Slater – Liar

K.L. Slater – The Mistake

K.L. Slater – The Visitor

K.L. Slater – The Secret

K.L. Slater – Closer

Karin Slaughter – The Good Daughter

Karin Slaughter – Pieces of Her

Deanna Lynn Sletten – One Wrong Turn

Leïla Slimani – Lullaby

Graham Smith – Watching the Bodies (Jake Boulder #1)

Graham Smith – The Kindred Killers (Jake Boulder #2)

Graham Smith – Past Echoes (Jake Boulder #3)

Graham Smith – Die Cold (Jake Boulder #4)

Graham Smith – The Silent Dead (Detective Beth Young #1)

Graham Smith – Lines of Enquiry

Michael Farris Smith – Desperation Road [guest review by Christine]

Jo Spain – The Confession

Francis Sparks – Made Safe

Erica Spindler – The Other Girl

Gunnar Staalesen – Wolves in the Dark

Michael Stanley – Dying to Live

Michael Stanley – Dead of Night

Lisa Stone – Stalker

Sarah Stovell – Exquisite

Peter Swanson – The Kind Worth Killing


C.L. Taylor – The Escape

C.L. Taylor – The Fear

Sandy Taylor – The Runaway Children

Sandy Taylor – The Little Orphan Girl

Chris Thomas – Enter the Dark

Jennifer Lee Thomson – Vile City

Jane Thynne – Solitaire (Clara Vine #5)

Oliver Tidy – He Made Me

Oliver Tidy – The Fallen Agent

Mark Tilbury – The Abattoir of Dreams

Mark Tilbury – The Revelation Room (Ben Whittle Investigations series #1)

Mark Tilbury – The Eyes of the Accused (Ben Whittle Investigations series #2)

Mark Tilbury – The Liar’s Promise

Mark Tilbury – The Key to Death’s Door

C.J. Tudor – The Chalk Man

Antii Tuomainen – Palm Beach Finland

J.B. Turner – Rogue

Ronnie Turner – Lies Between Us

Stuart Turton – The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle



Various – The CWA Anthology of Short Stories

Valeria Vescina – That Summer in Puglia

Frances Vick – Bad Little Girl

Frances Vick – Liars

David Videcette – The Theseus Paradox (Jake Flannagan #1)

David Videcette – The Detriment (Jake Flannagan #2)

Debbie Viaggiano – What Holly’s Husband Did

Louise Voss – The Old You


Ruth Ware – The Death of Mrs Westaway

Sue Watson – Ella’s Ice-Cream Summer (The Ice-Cream Café #1)

Sue Watson – Curves, Kisses and Chocolate Ice-Cream (The Ice-Cream Cafe #2)

Sue Watson – Snowflakes, Iced Cakes and Second Chances

Sue Watson – Our Little Lies

Anna-Lou Weatherley – Black Heart (Detective Dan Riley #1)

Lesley Welsh – The Serial Killer’s Daughter

Alison Weir – Katherine of Aragon : The True Queen (Six Tudor Queens #1)

Alison Weir – Anne Boleyn : A King’s Obsession (Six Tudor Queens #2)

Alison Weir – Jane Seymour : The Haunted Queen (Six Tudor Queens #3)

Matt Wesolowski – Six Stories

Matt Wesolowski – Hydra

Chris Whitaker – All The Wicked Girls

Neil White – From The Shadows (Dan Grant #1)

Neil White – The Darkness Around Her (Dan Grant #2)

Robert White – Breaking Bones

Kevin Wignall – To Die in Vienna

Kerry Wilkinson – Ten Birthdays [guest review by Christine]

Kerry Wilkinson – Two Sisters

Kerry Wilkinson – The Girl Who Came Back

Kerry Wilkinson – Last Night

Andrew Wilson – A Talent for Murder

Andrew Wilson – A Different Kind of Evil

Spencer Wise – The Emperor of Shoes

Michael Wood – A Room Full of Killers (DCI Matilda Darke #3)

Michael Wood – The Hangman’s Hold (DCI Matilda Darke #4)

Sarah Wray – Reported Missing

Sarah Wray – Her Best Friend

A.J. Wright – Sitting Murder

Susan Elliot Wright – What She Lost

Carol Wyer – Secrets of the Dead (DI Robyn Carter #2)

Carol Wyer – The Missing Girls (DI Robyn Carter #3)

Carol Wyer – The Silent Children (DI Robyn Carter #4)

Carol Wyer – The Chosen Ones (DI Robyn Carter #5)

Carol Wyer – The Birthday (DI Natalie Ward #1)



Darren Young – Child Taken

Dylan Young – The Silent Girls (Detective Anna Gwynne #1)

Dylan Young – Blood Runs Cold (Detective Anna Gwynne #2)

Pat Young – Till the Dust Settles [author guest post]

Anne Youngson – Meet Me At The Museum