Reviews by Author A – L


Rachel Abbott – The Sixth Window

Lesley Allen – The Lonely Life of Biddy Weir

Jennifer Ammoscato – Dear Internet : It’s me, Avery

Rachel Amphlett – Look Closer

Rachel Amphlett – Will To Live (Kay Hunter #2)

Rachel Amphlett – One to Watch (Kay Hunter #3)

Rachel Amphlett – Hell To Pay (Kay Hunter #4)

Amer Anwar – Western Fringes


Kate Beaufoy – The Gingerbread House

Louise Beech – Maria in the Moon

Sam Blake – In Deep Water

Shalini Boland – The Secret Mother

Sharon Bolton – Dead Woman Walking

Rhys Bowen – In Farleigh Field

Kay Bratt – Wish Me Home

T.J. Brearton – Buried Secrets

T.J. Brearton – Gone Missing

N.M. Brown – The Girl on the Bus

Vivien Brown – Lily Alone

Robert Bryndza – Last Breath

Robert Bryndza – Cold Blood

John Bude – Death Makes a Prophet


Emily Carpenter – The Weight of Lies

Neven Carr – Forgotten

S.B. Caves – I Know Where She Is

Eve Chase – The Vanishing of Audrey Wilde

E.A. Clark – Lay Me To Rest

Paul Cleave – A Killer Harvest

Harlan Coben – Don’t Let Go

Tammy Cohen – They All Fall Down

Daniel Cole – Ragdoll

Barbara Copperthwaite – The Darkest Lies

Barbara Copperthwaite – Flowers for the Dead

Barbara Copperthwaite – Her Last Secret

Pamela Crane – The Art of Fear

Kathryn Croft – Silent Lies

Robert Crouch – No Accident (Kent Fisher #1)

Robert Crouch – No Bodies (Kent Fisher #2)

Chris Curran – Her Deadly Secret

Emma Curtis – One Little Mistake


Sharon Dempsey – Little Bird

Emma Disdain – The Room by the Lake

Claire Douglas – Last Seen Alive

Claire Douglas – The Text


Laura Elliot – Guilty

J.T. Ellison – Lie To Me

Thomas Enger – Cursed (Juul Henning #4)

Allen Eskens – The Life We Bury

Deirdre Eustace – Finding Alison

Claire Evans – The Fourteenth Letter


Jane Fallon – My Sweet Revenge

Alice Feeney – Sometimes I Lie

Liz Fenwick – The Returning Tide

Helen Fields – Perfect Remains

Helen Fields – Perfect Prey

Kerry Fisher – The Silent Wife

Mark L. Fowler – The Man Upstairs

Mark L. Fowler – Red is the Colour

Michelle Frances – The Girlfriend

Guy Fraser-Sampson – Death in Profile

Caz Frear – Sweet Little Lies

Kitty French – The Skeletons of Scarborough House

Kitty French – Mystery at Maplemead Castle

Jean Fullerton – Pocketful of Dreams


Reily Garrett – Digital Velocity [review by Christine]

Patricia Gibney – The Missing Ones (DI Lottie Parker #1)

Patricia Gibney – The Stolen Ones (DI Lottie Parker #2)

Patricia Gibney – The Lost Child (DI Lottie Parker #3)

Linda Green – After I’ve Gone

Joanne Griffiths – A Deadly Game

John Grisham – Camino Island

Maggie Groff – Not Your Average Nurse

Johana Gustawsson – Block 46


Lucy V. Hay – The Other Twin

E. Michael Helms – Deadly Spirits

Sarah Hilary – Quieter Than Killing

Sibel Hodge – Beneath the Surface

Malcolm Hollingdrake – Only the Dead (Cyril Bennett series)

Malcolm Hollingdrake – Hell’s Gate (Cyril Bennett series #2)

Malcolm Hollingdrake – Dying Art (Cyril Bennet series #5)

D.K. Hood – Don’t Tell A Soul

K.J. Howe – The Freedom Broker


Jane Isaac – Before It’s Too Late


David Jackson – A Tapping At My Door

Amanda James – Behind the Lie

Jane E. James – The Crying Boy

Peter James – Dead Simple

Alison Jameson – This Family of Things

Victoria Jenkins – The Girls in the Water (King and Lane #1)

Victoria Jenkins – The First One To Die (King and Lane #2)

Louise Jensen – The Surrogate

Matt Johnson – Wicked Game

Matt Johnson – Deadly Game

Sophie Jonas-Hil – Nemesister

Carys Jones – Dead Girls Can’t Lie

Conrad Jones – Hunting Angels (blogtour Q&A)


Emma Kavanagh – The Killer on the Wall

Sanjida Kay – The Stolen Child

Casey Kelleher – The Betrayed

Erin Kelly – He Said / She Said

Valerie Keogh – That One May Smile (blog tour extract)

Ausma Zehanat Khan – The Unquiet Dead

Angela King – The Blood of Kings

Gina Kirkham – Handcuffs, Truncheon and a Polyester Thong

J.F. Kirwan – 66 Metres (blogtour extract)


Alex Lake – Copycat

Liz Lawler – Don’t Wake Up

M. Jonathan Lee – Broken Branches

H.A. Leuschel – Manipulated Lives

T.M. Logan – Lies

K.L. Lovely – Alice

Grace Lowrie – Safe With Me

P. Wesley Lundburg – Stateroom Tryst (guest review by Christine)