February Wrap-Up

I’m really going to have to replace that picture with something else if I keep doing these monthly posts instead. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Anywho, welcome to my February Wrap-Up! There shall be books because yes, I have been reading. I know, you are as shocked as I am. Really, with four storms in four subsequent weekends, there was very little else to do. Not that I’m complaining about the lack of socialising, you understand. I am, however, complaining about the weather! It feels like we’re stuck in a never-ending loop of Autumn. Dark, wet, miserable days. All that wind. And white fluffy crap! What the hell?! I need blue skies and sunshine!

This wrap-up is a day late as I am a little under the weather. I’ve been successfully dodging people with all various sorts of germs since before Christmas but apparently the universe decided that I was not going to get through this ridiculously mild Winter unscathed. Still, excellent timing, if I do say so myself, since it got me out of socialising yesterday. Silver lining and all that.

Other than that, February was a quiet one and yet, it flew by.

Anyway, let’s move on and see what I read.


Would you look at that? 20! I’m impressed with myself. 😂 One or two disappointments on that list but overall, a fab month of reading.


Yes, you are seeing this right. Audiobooks. I may have joined Audible. I don’t even recognise myself anymore.

Apple Tree Yard was okay. I didn’t particularly like the narrator so that was a bit of an issue. The story itself is incredibly slow paced, somewhat implausible at times, I thought, and it has left me with unanswered questions. But I did enjoy the premise, the bit-by-bit unraveling of the how, the what, the why and the mysterious who.

Bitter Sun, on the other hand, is absolutely brilliant! I wasn’t entirely sure it would be for me because while the synopsis grabbed my intention immediately, it’s also a coming-of-age story and I don’t usually do that well with them. But I was hooked from the start and couldn’t stop listening. The narrator’s American accent took a while to get used to (I personally prefer the British one) but it fit the story perfectly. I really, really enjoyed this one!


Personally I feel that’s not too bad for an entire month 🤔


With thanks to Orenda Books, Penguin Random House, Jane Corry and Rachael English!


Review | Rebecca Reid – Truth Hurts
Review | Claire Allan – The Liar’s Daughter
Review | Louise Beech – I Am Dust
Review | Michael Wood – The Murder House
Review | Joanna Schaffhausen – All The Best Lies
Review | Steph Broadribb – Deep Dark Night
Review | Helen Fields – Perfect Kill
Extract | Marian Womack – The Golden Key
Review | Will Shindler – The Burning Men


You may have noticed the lack of reviews so far this year. My reading mojo is still nowhere to be found so I’m constantly avoiding reading books I must review for one reason or another. So all I can tell you right now, looking ahead to March, is that there will be at least 3 reviews since I have 3 blog tours coming up. But other than that, I honestly have no idea.

I may need to reconsider these monthly wrap-ups. If I post weekly ones, at least the dust won’t have a chance to settle on my blog. And also, these monthly posts are a lot of work to put together! I’m exhausted! 😂

That’s a wrap for February! Back to the sofa with a cuppa and my current book, which is A Keeper by Graham Norton, and possibly a nap. 🤔

Wishing you all a great week and lots of happy reading! xx

32 thoughts on “February Wrap-Up

  1. THAT premise on the cover of the holdout just completely grabs my attention!! mostly because it’s one of my primal fears of being the only one to actively make a decision and slowly but surely realizing that it might not have been the best one also, the unseeing and the temple house vanishing have beautifully atmospheric and low-key creepy covers that make me do the *grabby hands* in my head! ps: the synopsis of the waiting rooms sounds disturbing and interesting and i just added it to my goodreads tbr (thank you for that!)!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I want a review of The Murder at the Vicarage and I’m going to throw a major tantrum if I don’t get one!

    PS By my calculations, your TBR fell by three this month – bad girl! *slaps wrist*

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great post. I can’t believe we are into March already. I feel like I slept through the last two months. I’m sorry you’re under the weather but I hear ya when it means you can avoid socializing 😉 I hope March is an awesome month filled with great reads!! ❤

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