Weekly Wrap-Up (November 3)


November, you say? I can’t even. This just does not compute.

Little to report this week, as it goes. It’s already been quite cold so I’ve started hibernating. I’ll be grumpy until Spring, just so you know. I loathe these cold months with a fiery passion.

On to the books!

Books I’ve read this week

3 and a DNF. Okay, so I’m not exactly setting the world on fire here but considering the previous week, I’m calling this massive progress.

Books I’ve bought this week


ARC’s received via Netgalley

None. This is bad. Very, very bad. Because this nifty thingie Janel @ Keeper of Pages shared last week tells me I will have run out of books in ten months. 10! WHAT?! 😱

Bookpost what landed on my doorstep

With huge thanks to Point Blank and Century!

On the blog this past week

Monday : Joined the blog tour for Last Train to Helsingør by Heidi Amsinck

Tuesday : Reviewed The Little Orphan Girl by Sandy Taylor

Wednesday : Joined the blog blitz for One Way Ticket to Paris by Emma Robinson

Thursday : Posted an extract on the blog tour for Keep Your Friends Close by June Taylor

Next week on Novel Deelights

You may want to sit yourselves down and hold on to something 😉

Monday : I may pop up elsewhere but I have nothing planned for my blog.

Tuesday : Schedule says “no”

Wednesday : Blog tour | Guest Post | Her Last Move by John Marrs

Thursday : I do have one or two reviews I still need to write

Friday : Which may appear at some point

Saturday : or not

Sunday : Weekly Wrap-Up

What is happening?! I don’t know about you but I’m feeling a little faint. 😳


Let’s just quickly move on to :

Question of the week : Non-fiction books. November is Non-Fiction Month around the blogosphere. Are you joining in? Do you read non-fiction? Would you like to? What is it that appeals to you about it? And for those of you have read non-fiction, what has been your favourite so far and why? (Not you, Janel, I know the answer 😜)

I have read some non-fiction but not very much. If all goes to plan, I will be reading one this month, The Wicked Boy by Kate Summerscale, which is the true story of a Victorian child murderer. I also read quite a few biographies from men who were part of the Band of Brothers when the tv series first came out. But that’s about it, I think.

So, what about you?

Also, please do that TBR Time thingie. Only count the books you actually own, not the ones that are on your virtual Goodreads shelf. And let me know when your TBR runs out so we can all panic together. 😄

That’s it for this week! Have a great one and I wish you all lots of happy reading! xx

45 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up (November 3)

    1. It’s not the lack of ARC’s persé, it’s the general lack of books altogether. I keep telling myself I have too many so seeing that thingie tell me I would be finished in ten months nearly caused a panic attack 😂

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  1. I can lend you some of my ARCs if you want? I seem to be having too many. xD I still have two years and two months to go before my pile runs out, so I’m not panicking yet haha.

    As for non fiction: I actually enjoy reading non fiction every now and then, especially memoirs. I’ve planned to read at least Educated by Tara Westover this month and I should read the ARC Babel by Gaston Dorren as well (that one is the inner philology nerd in me talking xD). I didn’t join the non fiction November event though, mostly because I have to get through a huge pile of ARCs first. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

      1. The ARC problem has a lot to do with me liking all kinds of different genres and being afraid to miss out if I don’t request one. In a way it’s a good thing I can only request a fraction of the full amount of available titles, or I would be completely buried under ARCs. xD


  2. What a coincidence, we chose the same photo for our header image! I can’t use this awesome calculator because I have no idea how many books I read last year. I only started blogging 🙂 My TBR is still under 10 books so I’m quite safe, I guess. I love non-fiction, by the way. I read it quite often. My favourite ones are What if? and Bad Science. I’m also thinking of getting Impossible Owls, I already have it as a sample. You have such a busy blogging life! It’s head-spinning!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just between you and me 😉, it was Keep Your Friends Close by June Taylor. I’m in the minority though so it may have been caused by my massive reading slump where absolutely nothing appealed to me.


  3. Don’t you worry, there’s plenty of amazing books to come in 2019, good thing you have time to read then ;-). I still have 5 years to go, and 12 years if you count all the ones on my wishlist too. I don’t read a lot of non-fiction but Educated is on my wishlist too ;-). Have a great week Eva!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There are! 2018 was amazing but so many good ones are arriving in January and February. I can’t wait! Also because by then I can also start my countdown to Spring. 😄

      Five years? 😲. Either I don’t buy enough books or I read too much 🤔

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I don’t plan on reading much nonfiction this month, but I’ll probably squeeze in two or three. According to the TBR calculator, I’ve got enough to read for another couple of years (2 years, 1 month to be exact). I still manage to constantly add more to my list though. 😂

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  5. I’m a big fan of non fiction, Eva. There are times when I just need to read something historically accurate and true to learn something. Two books that immediately come to mind are Columbine by Dave Cullen and the related book by Sue Klebold, A Mother’s Reckoning. These are two audiobooks where there’s no chance of drifting or being distracted. Between Shades Of Gray by Rita Sepetys is also outstanding.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve heard about A Mother’s Reckoning but I felt it might be too hard to read. Like you do, I do enjoy learning new things. Which reminds me that I forgot to mention non-fiction books I’ve read on the Tudors because that era never fails to fascinate me.

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