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Such a pleasure to host a stop on the blog blitz for Telegrams and Teacakes by Amy Miller today! My thanks to Kim Nash at Bookouture for the invitation to join and for the review copy, which I received via Netgalley.


Author : Amy Miller
Title : Telegrams and teacakes
Series : Wartime Bakery #3
Pages :
Publisher : Bookouture
Publication date :


England, 1942: 23-year-old Betty runs away from Bristol to make a new life for herself. Betrayed by her husband, Betty flees to the seaside town of Bournemouth, where she has fond memories of childhood holidays. There, she finds a small family bakery, in desperate need of a new shop girl…

At the Barton Bakery, Betty finds a sanctuary with shopkeeper Audrey Barton, but Audrey is fighting battles of her own. Her husband is at war and in grave danger, she is heavily pregnant, and her customers are horrified by the demands imposed by rationing.

Audrey’s stepsister Lily receives a letter from a man she once loved very much, a man she thought was lost to her forever. He offers her a new future with him, but one that will mean sacrificing so many of her hopes and dreams…

As Winston Churchill tells the country to ‘never give in’, the women of the Barton Bakery struggle on to keep their families, homes and loved ones safe in a time of turmoil.


Now in its third year, the war is really starting to take its toll on Audrey and the people around her. With barely any or no news at all from their men fighting in some overseas country and even more rationing rules to adhere to, it’s increasingly hard to hang on to the “keep calm and carry on” attitude Winston Churchill is trying so hard to instil in the population.

Heavily pregnant and fretting over the lack of letters from her husband, Charlie, Audrey is struggling to keep her clients at the bakery happy with what little she can still offer them. Elsie and William’s marriage is going through a rough patch as William is suffering from horrible nightmares and is finding it hard to cope with the things he’s seen. Lily receives wonderful news but wonders if this is where her life should be heading.

Lots of things going on then in this third instalment of the Wartime Bakery series. We are also introduced to a new character. Betty arrives in town and will help Audrey out in the bakery shop but who is she and what did she run away from?

I so enjoyed getting to hang out with Audrey and the others again. They are all such delightful characters who are just trying their hardest to find a bright spot in each day this dark period has brought them. There’s something incredibly admirable about how this close knit family and community comes together to put a smile on someone’s face with what little they have. Even if that means making icing with mustard sauce. Because there may be a war going on but life goes on.

Telegrams and Teacakes is sadly the final part of this Wartime Bakery trilogy and I feel rather bereft. These characters wormed their way into my heart from the beginning and it’ll be hard saying goodbye to them. Sometimes they moved me, sometimes they put a smile on my face but more than anything they are characters to adore and root for, characters you desperately want that happy ending for. This whole series has been thoroughly entertaining and inspirational and it’s a shame to see it come to an end but I will never forget the kindness, the compassion and the delightful community spirit.

Telegrams and teacakes is available to buy!

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Amy Miller lives in Dorset with her husband and two children. New to saga, she has previously written women’s fiction under a different name.

Author links : Facebook | Twitter | Website



  2 comments for “Telegrams and Teacakes by Amy Miller @bookouture #blogblitz

  1. August 4, 2018 at 7:09 pm

    I have a complaint to make – the cover picture isn’t teacakes, it’s jam tarts! And now I desperately want a jam tart. And I don’t have any. And it’s all your fault. Otherwise the book sounds delightful! 😉

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    • August 4, 2018 at 7:16 pm

      How bad is it that I didn’t even notice? Don’t answer that. But now I want jam tarts too and I blame you so we’re even 😜

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