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I’m absolutely delighted to join the blog tour for No Further Questions by Gillian McAllister today. My thanks to Jenny Platt at Michael Joseph for the invitation to join and the fabulous review copy!


Author : Gillian McAllister
Title : No Further Questions
Pages : 412
Publisher : Michael Joseph
Publication date : July 2, 2018 (ebook) | October 4, 2018 (paperback)


The police say she’s guilty.
She insists she’s innocent.

She’s your sister.
You loved her.
You trusted her.
But they say she killed your child.

Who do you believe?


Wow! I do so love a great courtroom drama but this one has left me a complete and utter emotional wreck and I feel like I’ve gone through the wringer as much as these characters have.

Martha and Rebecca are sisters who find themselves on the opposite sides of a courtroom when Rebecca is charged with killing Martha’s baby. The truth of what happened that fateful night is slowly revealed throughout the trial. Was Layla’s death an accident or murder? Martha would quite obviously prefer her sister wasn’t responsible but how well do you ever really know someone?

Various witnesses will appear at the trial, professionals and neighbours alike. Rebecca’s life is put under a microscope, her dirty laundry hung out for all to see; her character under scrutiny and little incidents investigated that may or may not have any bearing on this case. But this story isn’t just about the mystery surrounding Layla’s death and a trial. It’s also about a family divided, who while dealing with the emotional impact from the loss of a tiny baby must sit and wonder where their loyalties lie and figure out for themselves if they believe their daughter/sister/wife is capable of what she stands accused of.

No Further Questions is an incredibly powerful story. While I did have it figured out, the heartbreaking conclusion didn’t punch me in the stomach any less than it would have had I been completely clueless. Cleverly plotted and exquisitely written, this devastating tale really got under my skin. It left me utterly drained and it’s one of those books I just can’t stop thinking about, going over events in my head for hours on end, trying to apportion blame somewhere and not quite being able to do so.

This is the third book I’ve read by Gillian McAllister and what a massive talent she is. For me, No Further Questions is most definitely her best one yet and it’s gone right onto my list of top books of the year. I have no doubt whatsoever it’ll remain there because it will take something truly special to erase this thought-provoking, gripping, tense, addictive, but most of all, unforgettable page-turner from my mind. Highly recommended!

No Further Questions is now available to buy in ebook format!

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Gillian McAllister has been writing for as long as she can remember. She graduated with an English degree and lives in Birmingham where she now works as a lawyer. Her debut novel Everything But The Truth was a Sunday Times top ten bestseller. Anything You Do Say followed in January 2018 and was both a kindle and paperback bestseller. No Further Questions will be published in autumn 2018.

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  3 comments for “No Further Questions by Gillian McAllister @GillianMAuthor @MichaelJBooks @JennyPlatt90 #blogtour #NoFurtherQuestions #mustread

  1. July 10, 2018 at 10:11 am

    Fab review! I must remember to keep some tissues nearby when I read this one.


  2. July 10, 2018 at 10:25 am

    Absolutely agree with every word! Can’t wait to share my review too.


  3. July 10, 2018 at 10:28 am

    Great review!


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