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Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for Kid to Killer by Paul Elliott! My thanks to Anne Cater for the invitation to join!

Author Paul Elliott joins me to talk about ten things we don’t know about him. But first, here’s what Kid to Killer is all about.

Kid To Killer Cover

Author : Paul Elliot
Title : Kid to Killer
Series : Paul McGraw #1
Pages : 236
Publisher : Independently published
Publication date : May 20, 2017


A fifteen year old boy sees it as his duty to rid Edinburgh of the scum that prey on the innocent people of the city. He finds that to punish the guilty he must first face fear,loss and betrayal.

He will soon discover things aren’t always as they seem, and there are other people who have uses for a young killer as well as bigger forces at play.

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Ten things you didn’t know about me.

1, Before writing Kid to Killer I had actually never read a book since reading Mr Men books as a child.

2, Kid to Killer started off as a supernatural thriller about a young boy (Paul) and his imaginary friend (John) but after twelve and a half thousand words when he reached high school age the book took on a life of its own and dramatically changed direction.

3, I’m a huge superhero fan, a lot of my inspiration came from watching Marvel movies.

4, I suffer from anxiety and at its worst point I never left my house for nearly two years.

5, My day job involves helping a young man with autism and learning difficulties lead as normal a life as possible.

6, Along with writing I have a massive passion for cars, currently I own eight cars which I drive as much as I can.

7, I have now written three Paul McGraw books and as much as I enjoyed them I have now moved onto a much lighter book about a happy-go-lucky author.

8, My daughter who is an avid reader did the editing and provided lots of support as I wrote Kid to Killer.

9, I literally woke up one morning and decided I was going to write a book and twenty-one days later Kid to Killer was released, a task I would never undergo again as most days I spent upwards of fourteen hours of constant writing.

10, I love animals and have always had two cats.


Paul Elliott, born in Edinburgh in 1974 is the creator and writer of the book Paul McGraw: Kid To Killer which is available now on the kindle store

Having grown up in some of the roughest areas of Edinburgh and leaving Wester Hailes Education Centre after year one with no qualifications, he joined the army as a junior officer at 15 years old but very quickly realised it wasn’t for him.
Paul then moved onto being a nightclub bouncer, debt collector, personal security provider and car dealer before trying his hand at writing a novel.

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