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Such a pleasure to welcome you all to my stop on the blog blitz for Midday by David B. Lyons today! My thanks to Sarah Hardy at Bloodhound Books for the opportunity and my review copy.


Author : David B. Lyons
Title : Midday
Pages : 291
Publisher : Bloodhound Books
Publication date : March 22, 2018


When his alarm goes off at 7 am, bank manager Vincent assumes he is waking up to a regular working day. He couldn’t be more wrong.

Minutes later, one of the most ambitious heists in Dublin’s history is underway — and Vincent finds himself at the centre of it.

While his boyfriend Ryan is held at gunpoint by two aspiring gangsters, Vincent is tasked with entering the vaults of the four branches he manages to steal two million euros from each one. If he doesn’t return by midday with all of the money, Ryan will receive a bullet to the head.

As each minute ticks by, it becomes clear all is not as it seems. But just who is calling the shots? And can Vincent make it back in time to save his boyfriend’s life?

The clock is ticking.


Well, now. What a fabulous and unexpected surprise this was!

Vincent wakes up every morning, knowing fully well what his day is going to look like. But on this particular morning, things take a nasty turn when he and his boyfriend are the victims of a tiger kidnapping. Vincent works as a bank manager and has until midday to collect 8 million euros from four different branches around Dublin, while his boyfriend is being held at gun point.

The clock is ticking. Tick-tock.

It becomes apparent quite early on that things aren’t all what they seem. But apart from one part of the storyline I thought I had figured out reasonably quickly, the rest of the story had me guessing until the end and holy cow, I so did not see that one coming at all! Well played, sir!

This gritty and gripping tale is told through the eyes of four different people : Vincent, his boyfriend Ryan and each of the two gangsters. Little by little, things are revealed that pulled this story into a completely different direction than I was expecting and I loved every minute of it. Midday has a fantastically crafted plot and a great pace, helped enormously by the characters often checking the time which ultimately had me on the edge of my seat as well. I could almost hear the clocks ticking away the precious minutes.

Did I mention nothing is what it seems? You think you know where your loyalties lie but I promise you, they will shift and switch. What an utterly clever book this is. There are some uncomfortable topics in this one, as well as a few instances that almost made me gag and made me want to wash my eyes out with bleach. But above all, this is an intelligent and original crime thriller with a difference and I found it immensely compelling, engrossing and entertaining!

Midday is available for purchase!

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Goodreads


Dublin-born author David B. Lyons has a new twist on the psychological thriller. His debut, Midday, will be released on March 22nd and promises readers a thrilling ride. It’s the story of the same extraordinary morning, told from the perspective of four different characters.

David comes from a journalistic background. He worked, mainly, in the areas of football and music reporting for over 12-years, notching a few awards along the way. He tried to write creatively in his spare time, but found the formulaic writing nature of his day job a hindrance. He met with producers about both a play and a TV pilot he had written, but both fell short of being green lit, much to his disappointed. However, it gave him the opportunity to fulfil a life-log dream of finally penning a novel. He completed a BA Hons Degree in Creative Writing and soon after, completed Midday. Three months later, that debut was picked up by Bloodhound Books and early buzz suggests a promising writing career lies ahead for the thirty-nine-year-old.

He now lives in Birmingham, UK with his wife Kerry and daughter Lola. He has read fiction all of his life and notes Dean Koontz as a real inspiration. He is also a big fan of Gillian Flynn as well as rising star Liz Nugent.

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