Assassins Retribution by Rachel Amphlett @RachelAmphlett


Author : Rachel Amphlett
Title : Assassins Retribution
Series : The English Spy Mysteries #3
Pages : 196
Publisher : Saxon Publishing
Publication date : January 21, 2018


The net is closing in on Eva and her team, now on the warpath and seeking revenge.

Old alliances are tested, new enemies are exposed, and somehow Eva has to stop a madman unleashing a weapon of terrifying consequences upon an unsuspecting population.

The clock is ticking…


Well, by now I sure hope you’ve bought, read and enjoyed the previous two episodes of The English Spy Mysteries because it’s time to unravel this intriguing web of deceit and lies and find out who’s been pulling the strings behind the scenes.

This last instalment is an action-packed and nail-biting race against the clock as Eva and her team travel across Europe to stop a terrorist attack that would have inconceivable consequences. And all the while, suspicions remain. Who can be trusted in this thrilling spy game? Help is coming from a rather unexpected corner and Eva will finally get some answers as to what happened to Douglas.

Assassins Retribution is incredibly gripping and I found it hard to put down as the action builds up. There are plenty of reveals that lead to some very satisfying conclusions but most of all, I really enjoyed seeing Nathan develop and coming into his own. In fact, Eva’s whole team works like a charm, despite their differences. Each brings their own skills to the table and true to form, as is a spy’s job, they’ll put their lives on the line for the greater good.

I loved every minute of this concept, receiving a new episode every week. Although, writing reviews about these has been truly challenging. There’s only so much I can say without spoiling it all if you’ve not caught up. Everything comes together fabulously and unlike tv shows, there are no continuity errors 😉

I must say, if Rachel Amphlett decides to tackle a book like this again, I’ll be first in line. You may be familiar with her Kay Hunter series but I do hope you give this book a go as well as she proves once again that she’s a brilliant espionage thriller writer. I look forward to whatever’s next!

My thanks to Rachel Amphlett for the review copy.

Assassins Retribution is available now!

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