Weekly Wrap-Up (November 26)


For the first time since I started blogging, I actually found myself in a bit of a reading slump near the end of the week. It was a bit odd as the book I was reading wasn’t even bad. I just kept thinking of other things I could be doing, which never happens and my concentration was shot to pieces. So I spent part of Friday and Saturday catching up on some tv shows and by late Saturday, I was back to my book and enjoying it. I guess I just needed a bit of a break.

I still managed to read 5 books so that’s perfectly okay. On the other hand, I fell behind on my blog tour reading again which is of the bad.

Books I read this week :

Books I bought this week :

Technically 6 but five of those go together and I’ve only received two so far so I’m keeping them under wraps until next week. 😄


ARC’s received via Netgalley

For blog tour purposes.


No book post this week so moving on!

On the blog this past week :

Monday : Joined the blog tour for The Silver Wolf by Rob Sinclair.

Tuesday : Joined the blog tour for The Prisoner’s Wife by Gerard MacDonald and shared an extract from DK Hood’s Don’t Tell A Soul

Wednesday : Joined the blog tour or We Have Lost The Chihuahuas by Paul Mathews

Thursday : I was on two blog tours. The first one was for Dying Breath by Helen Phifer and the second one for Mother by S.E. Lynes

Friday : Shared my review for the first case of Walden of Bermondsey by Peter Murphy and Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie

Saturday : Hosted a stop on the blog tour for Whiteout by Ragnar Jónasson with a fabulous guest post from translator Quentin Bates.

Sunday : Weekly Wrap-Up

Next week on Novel Deelights :

I’ll be on the blog tours for Now You See Me, The Last Post, Her Best Friend, You’re Next, The Liar’s Promise and The Liverpool Girls. Yes, that cutting down on blog tours thing is working out really well! 😂

I’ll also be sharing my publication day review for Anything For Her by GJ Minett and my review for what might possibly be my book of the year. I promise.

Question of the week : Reading slumps. Are you familiar with them? If so, what do you do to get over them? Do you force yourself to keep going? Do you just pick up another book? Or do you take a break and do something else? What works for you?

That’s it for another week! See you next time! Happy reading! xx



27 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up (November 26)

  1. I can’t remember the last time I had a proper reading slump, but I do get the odd day when I don’t feel like reading at all – so I don’t. I think if you force it, you’ll be less likely to enjoy the book. It can be hard when you’ve got a blog tour coming up and you just don’t feel like reading that book right now but you have to, so I’ve cut down on blog tours, massively – I guess I just have more will power than you :-p muwhahahahahaha!

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  2. I like the sound of Her Best Friend. When I have reading slumps, I tend to turn to Netflix for a break, these slumps usually happen after reading a really good book, and before I’m able to get into the next one. I’m glad yours didn’t last too long.

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  3. I haven’t experienced a real reading slump but, like others have said, the nearest I’ve come to it is when I’ve found myself having to read something for a tour deadline. I’ve taken a self-imposed break from blog tours in December and it feels great to catch up on review copies from authors (as I’ve been feeling guilty about how long I’ve had some of them) or just to choose something from my TBR pile. I have The Tide Between Us to read as well, and confusingly also another book called The Tides Between. Pretty sure I going to mix up the titles and authors at some point.

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  4. I regularly don’t read for a few days at a time – if I read too much I get bored and start being overly critical. But if I hit a real slump that lasts longer than that, then I re-read a favourite author, like Reginald Hill or Agatha Christie, to get me back in the mood… 🙂

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  5. I recently took 3 weeks off reading and stayed busy with other projects and tv. I pulled out some of my favorite romantic comedy movies and I actually loved the break. I think a reading break every once in a while is helpful to get recharged. And I haven’t done a blog tour since June and probably won’t do any in the near future. 5 books in a week in amazing though, that’s closer to my month lately:)

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    1. I tend to do that in November and December. Catch up on tv I’ve missed, play video games, watch older tv shows again on dvd. I’ve not been able to do that this year because I’m an idiot and signed up for way too many tours. I keep telling myself to slow down or stop doing them but I can’t resist the lure 😄

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