Anne Boleyn : A King’s Obsession by Alison Weir @AlisonWeirBooks @headlinepg


Author : Alison Weir
Title : Anne Boleyn : A King’s Obsession
Series : The Six Tudor Queens #2
Pages : 507
Publisher : Headline
Publication date : May 18, 2017


The young woman who changed the course of history.

Fresh from the palaces of Burgundy and France, Anne draws attention at the English court, embracing the play of courtly love.

But when the King commands, nothing is ever a game.

Anne has a spirit worthy of a crown – and the crown is what she seeks. At any price.

ANNE BOLEYN. The second of Henry’s Queens. Her story.
History tells us why she died. This powerful novel shows her as she lived.


For most people, Anne Boleyn probably doesn’t need much of an introduction. No matter how you feel about her, she was a pretty influential figure in Tudor history. Having read quite a bit about her, I at first found Alison Weir’s version of her to be rather conflicting to all the other information stored in my pea-sized brain and I struggled for a while.

Most things you read about Anne Boleyn depict her as a manipulative, conniving so-and-so who’s determined to ruin a marriage and become Queen. But Alison Weir has taken a different approach and has made a valiant attempt to cast a more sympathetic light on Anne Boleyn and despite my early misgivings, she completely managed to convince me.

As always, it’s incredibly obvious Alison Weir has done her research, which is evident from the author’s notes that are also truly interesting to read. Based on that research, could it possibly be that it wasn’t Anne who set her eyes on the King but the other way around? And when a King chases you and you realise what you could achieve if you were a queen, what would you do? Was Anne a pawn? Was she an evil, ambitious woman or was she simply misunderstood? You’ll have to read this story and make up your own mind.

I found Anne Boleyn : A King’s Obsession to be thoroughly thought-provoking and as I’ve mentioned, my opinion of her has changed. Alison Weir deftly guides us through Anne Boleyn’s life, from the very first time she leaves home until her untimely death. She made her mark but paid the price for it due to a fickle man who stopped at nothing to get his way. The Tudor era will never stop fascinating me and I can’t wait to read the next book in The Six Tudor Queens series which will be all about wife number three, Jane Seymour.

Anne Boleyn : A King’s Obsession is available now!

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21 thoughts on “Anne Boleyn : A King’s Obsession by Alison Weir @AlisonWeirBooks @headlinepg

  1. At 507 pages that looks quite a tome but like you, I’ve always been fascinated by the Tudors and the Henry VIII years in particular. I think it was Jean Plaidy that started my interest way back in the day.

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    1. I’ve not heard of her. I started with Philippa Gregory but at some point just felt Alison Weir was the better writer. Henry VIII’s era for me too, although I would at some point like to read more about what happened before and after. That’s the plan anyway πŸ˜„

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  2. I’m quite a fan of Anne Boleyn but struggle with fictionalised versions of any of the Tudor queens because I am a history buff and have read too many non-fiction books. I love Weirs non-fiction writing though so can imagine how good it is here.

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  3. Fantastic review! I loved reading your thoughts about the book. The Tudor era intrigues me to no end, and I love reading about it. I still haven’t read the first book, but I need to… and I’m excited for book three!

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