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** advanced copy received via publisher **

It’s my pleasure to be hosting a stop on the blog blitz for Silent Lies by Kathryn Croft today! Many thanks to Noelle Holten and Bookouture for inviting me and for providing me with an advanced copy!


Author : Kathryn Croft
Title : Silent Lies
Pages : 309
Publisher : Bookouture
Publication date : October 25, 2017


Mia Hamilton lived the perfect life with her husband, university teacher Zach, and their two-year-old daughter, Freya. But everything changed when Zach committed suicide on the same night one of his students, Josie Carpenter, vanished.

Five years later, and Josie is still missing but Mia has finally found some happiness with new boyfriend Will. Until one day when stranger Alison walks into her life and tells Mia that her husband didn’t kill himself.

Desperate to find out what really happened to Zach, Mia is forced to put her trust in Alison. But she soon discovers that Alison has her own agenda behind exposing the details of Zach’s death. Can Mia really believe anything Alison says?

Mia must decide how far she is willing to go to uncover the truth – even if she risks losing everything she loves.


Five years ago, Mia’s husband Zach committed suicide in the flat of one of his students on the same night this same student, Josie, goes missing. Mia had a hard time putting her life back together again but now she’s found happiness again with a new partner. Until one day, Alison arrives on her doorstep and claims Zach didn’t kill himself at all. But Alison seems to have some issues. Can she be trusted? Will Mia ever find out what really happened to her husband?

Man, I do so love it when an author can keep me guessing until the very end and Kathryn Croft managed it effortlessly! This, to me, is always the mark of an excellent story! There were times where I felt I should have figured things out but I couldn’t, which just made me flip the pages faster until I found myself completely and utterly blindsided by a jaw-dropping ending that left me spinning! Talk about not seeing something coming! Cor!

Silent Lies is incredibly intense and full of intrigue. Its gripping and compelling plot had me hooked from the very first page. The story is told through alternating chapters, switching between Mia in the present and Josie in the past. My only niggle is that maybe, just maybe, some things were a tad “out there” and I couldn’t quite find myself in some of the motives of the characters but none of this hampered my enjoyment for one second and I raced through this brilliant psychological thriller.

This is only the second book I’ve read by Kathryn Croft but I’ll definitely be catching up now and I look forward to whatever is next.

Silent Lies is available now!

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Goodreads



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