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It is my absolute pleasure to host a stop on the blog tour for No Bodies by Robert Crouch today. Many thanks to Robert and Caroline Vincent for the opportunity and the advanced copy.

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Author : Robert Crouch
Title : No Bodies
Series : Kent Fisher Mysteries #2
Pages : 298
Publisher : n/a
Publication date : October 19, 2017


Why would environmental health officer, Kent Fisher, show any interest in finding Daphne Witherington, the missing wife of a longstanding family friend? The police believe she ran off with Colin Miller, a rather dubious caterer, and Kent has problems of his own when a young girl who visits his animal sanctuary is rushed to hospital.

When enquiries into Colin Miller reveal a second missing wife, Kent picks up a trail that went cold over a year ago. But he’s struggling to find a connection between the women, even when he discovers a third missing wife.

Is there a killer on the loose in Downland? With no motive, no connection and no bodies, Kent may never uncover the truth.


No Bodies is the second book in the Kent Fisher Mysteries series and if you’ve not yet read the first one, you most definitely should as events carry over and relationships have already been established. Missing out on those things may influence your reading experience. Just so you know. I truly enjoyed No Accident when I read it a while ago, but I must say that I found this one to be so much better!

Not a lot of time has passed since events in the previous book and the consequences are evident from the start. Kent’s stepmother has moved in with him after the death of her husband, his job continues to be in jeopardy, his (non-existent) love life is a mess and now people seem to think he’s some kind of super sleuth. On top of that, things take a personal turn when Kent’s beloved sanctuary is threatened due to a little girl being admitted to hospital with a case of E-Coli.

Colonel Witherington asks Kent for help in locating his missing wife. Daphne disappeared almost a year ago. The Colonel thinks she must be dead but the police think she ran off with a lover. When it becomes clear another woman went missing around the same time, Kent becomes involved in another investigation. But with no bodies, no motive and no connection between the women, can Kent solve this mystery?

No Bodies has a brilliantly executed, multi-layered and intriguing plot which had me hooked from start to finish as I found myself trying to figure out the pieces of the puzzle. This series makes such a nice change from the crime fiction I normally read. It’s not all guts and gore. In fact, there’s very little of it. Think more cosy mystery, inspired by Columbo (incidentally also the name of Kent’s dog) or Agatha Christie.

Kent is an incredibly likeable character with a delicious sense of, sometimes quite dark, humour and he makes a fabulous main character. Since Kent is an Environmental Health Officer, the things he can or can’t do are limited and his determination to get to the truth keeps getting him into trouble. He doesn’t really have much authority, carries no weapons and relies purely on his wit. It’s a breath of fresh air to solve a mystery alongside a character that isn’t your typical chain-smoking and utterly flawed detective.

I thoroughly enjoyed this change of pace and if you enjoy your cosy mysteries, I have no doubt you will like the Kent Fisher Mysteries! I look forward to seeing more of Kent soon!

No Bodies is available now!

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Inspired by Miss Marple, Inspector Morse and Columbo, Robert Crouch wanted to write entertaining crime fiction the whole family could enjoy.

At their heart is Kent Fisher, an environmental health officer with more baggage than an airport carousel. Passionate about the environment, justice and fair play, he’s soon embroiled in murder.

Drawing on his experiences as an environmental health officer, Robert has created a new kind of detective who brings a unique and fresh twist to the traditional murder mystery. With complex plots, topical issues and a liberal dash of irreverent humour, the Kent Fisher mysteries offer an alternative to the standard police procedural.

Robert now writes full time and lives on the South Coast of England with his wife and their West Highland White Terrier, Harvey, who appears in the novels as Kent’s sidekick, Columbo.

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    fantastic review! I might have to add this to the mountain! lol


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