This Week in Books (October 18)


Hosted by Lipsy Lost and Found, my Wednesday post gives you a taste of what I’m reading this week. A similar meme is run by Taking on a World of Words.

Last book I finished reading :


When child psychologist Imogen Reid takes on the case of 11-year-old Ellie Atkinson, she refuses to listen to warnings that the girl is dangerous.

Ellie was the only survivor of a fire that killed her family. Imogen is convinced she’s just a sad and angry child struggling to cope with her loss.

But Ellie’s foster parents and teachers are starting to fear her. When she gets upset, bad things seem to happen. And as Imogen gets closer to Ellie, she may be putting herself in danger.

The book I’m currently reading :


Fresh from the palaces of Burgundy and France, Anne draws attention at the English court, embracing the play of courtly love.

But when the King commands, nothing is ever a game.

Anne has a spirit worthy of a crown – and the crown is what she seeks. At any price.

What I’m reading next :


Mia Hamilton lived the perfect life with her husband, university teacher Zach, and their two-year-old daughter, Freya. But everything changed when Zach committed suicide on the same night one of his students, Josie Carpenter, vanished.

Five years later, and Josie is still missing but Mia has finally found some happiness with new boyfriend Will.

Until one day when stranger Alison walks into her life and tells Mia that her husband didn’t kill himself.

Desperate to find out what really happened to Zach, Mia is forced to put her trust in Alison. But she soon discovers that Alison has her own agenda behind exposing the details of Zach’s death. Can Mia really believe anything Alison says?


Have you read any of these? Would you like to? What are you reading this week?

Happy reading! xx

The Detriment by David Videcette @DavidVidecette


Author : David Videcette
Title : The Detriment
Series : Jake Flannagan #2
Pages : 358
Publisher : Videcette Limited
Publication date : June 29, 2017


“The truth costs nothing, but a lie can cost you everything…”

June 2007: a barbaric nail bomb is planted outside a London nightclub, a spy is found dead in his garden, and a blazing Jeep is driven into Glasgow airport. Three events bound by an earth-shattering connection that should have remained buried forever.

From the author of ‘The Theseus Paradox’, the smash-hit 7/7 thriller based on true events, comes the sequel about a real-life mystery that threatens to destroy a nation. Detective Inspector Jake Flannagan must uncover how a series of astonishing events are inextricably linked, before the past closes in on him.

We all have secrets we say we’ll never tell.


Flippin’ heck! David Videcette is back with a vengeance! After having read and loved The Theseus Paradox, I knew it wouldn’t be long until I picked up this one. It was one of my most anticipated books and even though my expectations were sky high, I was not disappointed! David still can’t tell you the truth, but he can tell you a story and once again, it’s an absolute corker!

It’s June 2007 and a series of events are keeping law enforcement busy. A car with a nail bomb is found outside a nightclub, a spy is found dead in his garden and a Jeep is driven into Glasgow airport with one of the occupants setting himself on fire. Are these events in any connected and if so, how? Meanwhile, Claire, Jake Flannagan’s on/off girlfriend drags him into an investigation of her own.

After events from the previous book, which you should really read by the way if you don’t want to miss out on anything, Jake was suspended and has been sidelined in the office for the last six months. Eager to sink his teeth back into an investigation, he didn’t quite count on having to work with an old nemesis. Jake is still doing what he thinks is right, no matter the trouble it may land him in. But he’s also struggling and may finally admit to himself that he might possibly need some help.

David Videcette is quite the masterful storyteller. While this story is based on true events, I can never figure out where fact ends and fiction begins. And then I read the author’s notes and almost wish I hadn’t. Sometimes it’s better not to know.

The Detriment is action-packed from the very first page. There’s a lot going on and it’s one heck of a compelling, intense and thrilling ride! It left me utterly breathless, exhausted but oh so, satisfied. This is such an incredible series and it would make the most fantastic movie or TV series. (Richard Armitage would be perfect, by the way. Just saying’.)

With a flawed, yet highly likeable protagonist, various threads and a brilliantly executed and intelligent plot, this chilling thriller is a total must-read! I can’t wait to read the next Jake Flannigan book!

The Detriment is available now!

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Bookdepository | Goodreads


The Surrogate by Louise Jensen @Fab_fiction @bookouture

** advanced copy received via publisher **


Author : Louise Jensen
Title : The Surrogate
Pages : 374
Publisher : Bookouture
Publication date : September 27, 2017


Be careful what you wish for…

Kat and her husband Nick have tried everything to become parents, and are on the point of giving up. Then a chance encounter with Kat’s childhood friend Lisa gives Kat and Nick one last chance to achieve their dream.

But Kat and Lisa’s history hides dark secrets. And there is more to Lisa than meets the eye.

As dangerous cracks start to appear in Kat’s perfect picture of happily-ever-after, she realises that she must face her fear of the past to save her family.


Holy guacamole! This book is completely mental and I mean that in the best way possible!

All Kat wants is to be a mum but it just doesn’t seem to be happening for her. After two attempts to adopt a child fall through, a chance encounter with her old childhood friend Lisa may just make her dream come true. But there are a lot of dark secrets in their history.

The butterfly effect. A flutter is all it takes.

Prepare yourself for a ridiculous rollercoaster ride full of tension and suspense. There are so many twists and turns, I thought I’d end up with whiplash! This is one of those stories where I ended up not trusting anyone. With a cast of flawed and troubled characters, my sympathies shifted back and forth. I couldn’t decide where my loyalties were and almost ended up despising just about every single one of them.

The story starts out at the scene of what looks like a double murder and throughout, you just can’t help yourself trying to guess who the victims are. Every time I thought I had it figured out, Louise Jensen deftly put a stop to my ideas and led me in a completely, and usually wrong, direction. I absolutely love it when an author is able to keep me guessing until the very end. Speaking of endings, what? Let me say that again : WHAT?!

The Surrogate is the absolute perfect book to read in one sitting, which I would have done but contrary to popular belief I do actually sleep sometimes. But it was a tough decision as this really is an utterly unputdownable and mind-blowing page-turner! Absolutely brilliant psychological thriller and I can’t wait to read more by Louise Jensen!

Many thanks to Bookouture for the advanced copy, which I received via Netgalley and chose to review honestly!

The Surrogate is available now!

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Weekly Wrap-Up (October 15)


I have no idea where this week went. It feels like I did last week’s wrap-up yesterday. Nothing to report. My life is incredibly boring. Unless you count three-day migraines to mix things up a bit. I don’t, personally. 😄

Still, I did manage to read 6 books this week and since that’s three more than last week, I’ll take it.

Books I read this week :


Books I bought this week :

Obviously, the book buying monster feels it needs to catch up on the weeks it’s missed so I bought another 7 books this week. But! One is a pre-order though, two I’d already read before buying and three are kindle books so technically that means I just bought the one, right? 😄

ARC’s received via Netgalley :

I need these for blog tours so my logic tells me they don’t count either. 😉 There are more to come but I’m downloading in bits and pieces, all the while keeping an eye on my rating. I may be a tad obsessed with that. 😂


Bookpost that arrived this week :

None. I’ve started drawing up retirement plans. 😉

On the blog this past week :

Monday : One of my most popular blog posts since I started my blog and I’m not even surprised at that. My review for Cold Blood by Robert Bryndza

Tuesday : Joined the blog tour for The Fallen Agent by Oliver Tidy

Wednesday : This Week in Books and I’m happy to say that, for once, I did actually read them all AND in the order I posted them!

Thursday : Shared my review for Copycat by Alex Lake

Friday : Reviewed Verdict of Twelve by Raymond Postgate

Saturday : Bookouture Day on the blog! I joined the tour for Snowflakes, Iced Cakes and Second Chances by Sue Watson and the blog blitz for Her Last Secret by Barbara Copperthwaite

Sunday : Weekly Wrap-Up

Next week on noveldeelights :

I’ll be on two more blog tours but not until the weekend. I’ll be reviewing Heartaches and Christmas Cakes on Saturday and I have a guest post by Lloyd Otis for the Dead Lands blog tour.

Speaking of the weekend, I’ll actually be away. I dare you to ask how much I’m looking forward to that. *grumble* Anyway, hopefully my scheduled posts go through and if someone could share for me in Facebook groups, that’d be really neat!

And that’s it for another week. I will have very little reading time in the upcoming week so it’s probably a good thing I won’t be around to do a wrap-up on Sunday anyway. 😂

Have a great one and I wish you lots of happy reading! xx

Her Last Secret by Barbara Copperthwaite @BCopperthwait @bookouture #blogblitz

** advanced copy received via publisher **

I am absolutely thrilled to be hosting a stop on the blog blitz for Her Last Secret by Barbara Copperthwaite today! Many thanks to Barbara and Noelle Holten for inviting me and for the advanced copy!


Author : Barbara Copperthwaite
Title : Her Last Secret
Pages : 408
Publisher : Bookouture
Publication date : October 13, 2017


Some secrets you can never tell.

Everyone thinks the Thomases are the perfect family : grand London house, gorgeous kids.

They don’t know wife Dominique is a paranoid wreck.

They don’t know husband Ben is trapped in a web of deceit.

They don’t know daughter Ruby lives in fear of the next abusive text.

But someone knows all their secrets.

Can the lies that bind them destroy them all?


Holy crap! Okay, it’s official. I’m going to stand up and say it loud and proud : I am a Barbara Copperthwaite fan! After loving The Darkest Lies and Flowers for the Dead, I couldn’t wait to start reading this latest one and the author once again delivered a most outstanding, twist-y tale that had me utterly gripped.

The story starts on Christmas Day when police is called to a house by a resident reporting the sound of a gunshot. It’s clear quite early on something bad has happened but the who or the why remains a mystery for a little longer.

The Thomas family seems to have it all. Father Benjamin is a successful accountant. He and his family live in a million pound house in a nice neighbourhood in London. But Benjamin is in trouble, his wife Dominique isn’t the cool cucumber people think she is and eldest daughter Ruby is the victim of horrendous bullying. Soon, a chain of events is set in motion that will have devastating consequences for the entire family.

Barbara Copperthwaite always manages to come up with realistic and believable characters in relatable situations. None of the characters in Her Last Secret are particularly likeable. They’re stressed and harassed, flawed and damaged, seemingly vying for the worst-parent-of-the-year award and regularly made me want to punch them in the face. Yet, I couldn’t help but be completely invested in them. There’s one exception though, wee Mouse, or Amber as she’s called. I thought she was a truly delightful little bookworm and I adored her from the minute I met her.

Her Last Secret very much deals with the way people portray themselves, how they often wear a mask and hide their innermost feelings and turmoil. And also, the effect a web of lies, deceit and secrets can have on a family.

This psychological thriller is taut with suspense and intrigue. It’s quite dark, often disturbing and at times also incredibly sad. There’s an excellent and compelling plot which I thought was brilliantly constructed as we discover what happened in the week leading up to Christmas. This also leads to a rather long list of potential suspects and conclusions that kept me guessing until the end.

If Barbara Copperthwaite hadn’t already been on my list of go-to authors, she most definitely would be now! I thoroughly enjoyed this and I can’t wait for whatever she comes up with next.

Her Last Secret is available for purchase now!

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Goodreads


Barbara is the best-selling author of psychological thrillers INVISIBLE, FLOWERS FOR THE DEAD, THE DARKEST LIES, and HER LAST SECRET.

Much of her success is thanks to her twenty-odd years’ experience as a national newspaper and magazine journalist. She’s interviewed the real victims of crime – and also those who have carried those crimes out. Thanks to people sharing their stories with her, she knows the emotional impact of violence and wrong-doing. That’s why her novels are dark, realistic and tackle not just the crime but its repercussions.

When not writing feverishly, she is often found hiding behind a camera, taking wildlife photographs.

To find out more about Barbara, visit her website. You can also follow her on Twitter or her Facebook Author Page.


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Snowflakes, Iced Cakes and Second Chances by Sue Watson @suewatsonwriter @bookouture #blogblitz

** advanced copy received via publisher **

I’m absolutely delighted to be hosting a stop on the blitz tour for Snowflakes, Iced Cakes and Second Chances by Sue Watson! Many thanks to Kim Nash at Bookouture for the opportunity and the advanced copy!


Author : Sue Watson
Title : Snowflakes, Iced Cakes and Second Chances
Pages : 269
Publisher : Bookouture
Publication date : October 12, 2017


A year after she separated from her husband, Gianni, on Christmas Day, Chloe’s heart is still in pieces as she unpacks the decorations for her first ever festive holiday alone. That is, until the phone rings…

It seems Gianni’s new seaside restaurant is in trouble and Chloe must go to Appledore to save the business – and him. Equally famous for his experimental culinary extravaganzas and his explosive temper, Gianni has been really stirring up a sensation with the locals – and not in a good way!

As pans fly and the temperature in the kitchen rises, Chloe’s calming influence and magic touch might just get critics back on side in time to save the restaurant from sinking like a sad soufflé. But will it be enough to save their marriage?


Some of you may know, this isn’t really my normal sort of read. I tend to shy away from romance things and pretty much anything to do with Christmas. Just call me Scrooge. But this is Sue Watson and her Ice-Cream Café series holds a special place in my heart so the decision to read and review this one was a lot easier than you’d think.

Sue Watson takes us back to the lovely town of Appledore but this time, Winter is coming. (Sorry!) Gianni, a fiery Italian, has opened a restaurant there but things aren’t going very well. Gianni isn’t exactly a people person and has an incredible temper which results in staff leaving, altercations with food critics and grumpy customers. He calls in the help of his estranged wife, Chloe, though he won’t admit the idea was his as he’s far too stubborn for that.

Chloe and Gianni started out having a wonderful relationship and marriage but after the sadness of three miscarriages, each tried to deal with their grief by throwing themselves into their work. A lack of communication, misunderstandings and too much time apart eventually leads Chloe to leave the marriage behind. Forced to spend time together in Appledore and make Gianni’s latest venture a success, could their marriage possibly get a second chance?

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Appledore with Chloe and Gianni. Although I must admit to frequently feeling my temper rise at Gianni’s attitude and if I’d had a pan handy, it probably would have found its way to his head. Despite his character also delivering quite a few chuckle-worthy moments, he’s also utterly infuriating and Chloe, quite frankly, has the patience of a saint most of the time.

Throw in the delightful residents of Appledore we’ve all come to love, snow and the impending arrival of the holidays, and this does exactly what you’d expect. Snowflakes, Iced Cakes and Second Chances is a feel-good Christmas romance that will definitely get you into the spirit and is as warm and comforting as a cosy fire or a blanket. Yes, there is a level of predictability but really, I couldn’t care less because this author always manages to come up with realistic characters you care about and root for. And she makes me laugh. It’s that simple, really!

If you’ve read any of this author’s previous books, you will absolutely adore this! If you haven’t, maybe now is the time to give them a go and kick-start the festive period (too soon?) with a giggle or two.

Snowflakes, Iced Cakes and Second Chances was published on October 12th.

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Goodreads


Sue Watson was a journalist then a TV Producer at the BBC until she realised that instead of working, she could stay at home, make stuff up and sell it!

So far Sue’s written ten books, and some have been translated into Italian and Portuguese (she’s big in Brazil!) Originally from Manchester, she now lives with her husband and teenage daughter in Worcestershire where her days are spent baking (and eating) lots of cake, while making big life decisions about whether to have Caramel Chew Chew or Salted Caramel ice cream while watching ‘The Biggest Loser USA,’ on TV.

You can contact Sue via her website, Twitter, Facebook Author Page or Instagram


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Verdict of Twelve by Raymond Postgate @BL_Publishing


Author : Raymond Postgate
Title : Verdict of Twelve
Pages : 256
Publisher : The British Library
Publication date : January 10, 2017 (first published in 1940)


A woman is on trial for her life, accused of murder. Each of the 12 members of the jury has his or her own burden of guilt and prejudice which could effect the outcome. Hailed as one of the best mysteries of the year when it was first published in 1940, this book has become a classic of the genre.


This is the second book in the British Library Crime Classics series I’ve read and I’m now left with no doubt whatsoever that I’m thoroughly going to enjoy this journey through time. I find it truly impressive how these somehow manage to stand the test of time, despite the rather old fashioned and posh language. Personally, I quite enjoyed that which is a bonus.

Verdict of Twelve is told in various parts. Part one focuses on the twelve members of the jury. This results in a most fascinating character study and gives you the opportunity to try and figure out for yourself which way these jurors would vote at a trial. Because surely they are influenced by their own background, experiences, prejudices, religion even maybe and so they already have a preconceived notion of how this trial should end before it’s even started, no matter the evidence that will be presented to them.

Part two tells us about the woman who’s on trial for murder. I won’t delve into that bit as it will give away too much. I will however say that I absolutely loathed this character and based on that alone, I willed her to be guilty of the crime. Which clearly goes to show I should never be on a jury and I too, as a reader, fell prey to prejudice. I’d like to think that was the author’s intention though.

The rest of the story centres around the investigation and the trial. I was incredibly hooked on it all, despite maybe sometimes having a moment or two where a few sentences went a tad over my head. 😄 This just really combined so many of the things I like to read about. There’s a crime, there’s a trial and I adored the setting. It’s like a legal crime fiction thriller of the olden days. There’s an intriguing plot and a varied cast of interesting characters and there’s poison! How can you not love a book that has poison in it?

So not only do I find myself completely in love with those gorgeous covers, I’m also truly enjoying the stories and I very much look forward to adding more of them to my collection.

Verdict of Twelve was published in January.

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Goodreads


Copycat by Alex Lake


Author : Alex Lake
Title : Copycat
Pages : 404
Publisher : Harper Collins
Publication date : September 7, 2017


Imitation is the most terrifying form of flattery…

Which Sarah Havenant is you?

When an old friend gets in touch, Sarah Havenant discovers that there are two Facebook profiles in her name. One is hers. The other, she has never seen. But everything in it is accurate. Photos of her friends, her husband, her kids. Photos from the day before. Photos of her new kitchen. Photos taken inside her house. And this is just the beginning. Because whoever has set up the second profile has been waiting for Sarah to find it. And now that she has, her life will no longer be her own.


Sarah Havenant has it all. A wonderful husband, three beautiful children and a successful career. But then an old friend gets in touch with her and points out Sarah has two different Facebook accounts. One is hers, the other is most definitely not. But all the information is correct. Pictures of her family at the beach, of her kitchen, of a night out. Except Sarah isn’t the one who’s been sharing them. Things are about to get a whole lot worse because the person responsible for this has a whole host of other ideas lined up to make Sarah’s life as miserable as possible. And maybe even to end it altogether.

Now before you think, oh no, not another psychological thriller centred around the dangers of social media, this isn’t quite like that. The setting up of the fake account is merely a tool to get Sarah’s attention. Someone is messing with her and her life in the worst way possible. But the person behind it all is doing it in such a way that it looks like Sarah is losing her mind and nobody believes she’s not responsible for things herself.

The whole set up is incredibly terrifying. The knowledge that something is going on but not knowing which corner the danger is coming from is a scary thought. Personally, I found the culprit to be a tad too obvious but it was executed well. While I was gripped with the suspense of it all, I also had moments where I became completely and utterly frustrated with Sarah’s husband. I couldn’t help but think he should have known his wife better.

Up until the reveal, the tension was sky high but then I felt the story started to drag on a little. The person doing these things is clearly a psychopath and thus there’s not really a logic behind their reasoning for doing what they’re doing and yet it’s also something I struggled with. The why and also the timing of when they started their harassment campaign just didn’t sit particularly well with me.

However, despite these few misgivings, I did enjoy this fast-paced psychological thriller.

Copycat is available now!

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This Week in Books (October 11)


Hosted by Lipsy Lost and Found, my Wednesday post gives you a taste of what I’m reading this week. A similar meme is run by Taking on a World of Words.

Last book I finished reading :


December, 1940: All that Audrey Barton wants is her family together for Christmas. But the war changes everything…

The Barton family bakery in Bournemouth has been at the heart of the town for generations: Audrey and Charlie Barton have never been rich, but their bread and cakes – and their love and advice – have enriched the lives of others in the town for many years.

When war breaks out, it doesn’t take long for trouble to arrive on the bakery doorstep. Audrey’s brother William has joined up to fight, and William’s fiancé Elsie fears she may lose him before their life together has even begun. Audrey’s stepsister Lily comes to stay, but Lily is clearly hiding a dark secret.

And a silent and strange little girl is evacuated to the town – will Audrey get to the heart of what is ailing her?

The book I’m currently reading :


“The truth costs nothing, but a lie can cost you everything…”

June 2007: a barbaric nail bomb is planted outside a London nightclub, a spy is found dead in his garden, and a blazing Jeep is driven into Glasgow airport. Three events bound by an earth-shattering connection that should have remained buried forever.

From the author of ‘The Theseus Paradox’, the smash-hit 7/7 thriller based on true events, comes the sequel about a real-life mystery that threatens to destroy a nation. Detective Inspector Jake Flannagan must uncover how a series of astonishing events are inextricably linked, before the past closes in on him.

We all have secrets we say we’ll never tell…

What I’m reading next :


College student Joe Talbert has the modest goal of completing a writing assignment for an English class. His task is to interview a stranger and write a brief biography of the person. With deadlines looming, Joe heads to a nearby nursing home to find a willing subject. There he meets Carl Iverson, and soon nothing in Joe’s life is ever the same.

Carl is a dying Vietnam veteran–and a convicted murderer. With only a few months to live, he has been medically paroled to a nursing home, after spending thirty years in prison for the crimes of rape and murder.

As Joe writes about Carl’s life, especially Carl’s valor in Vietnam, he cannot reconcile the heroism of the soldier with the despicable acts of the convict. Joe, along with his skeptical female neighbor, throws himself into uncovering the truth, but he is hamstrung in his efforts by having to deal with his dangerously dysfunctional mother, the guilt of leaving his autistic brother vulnerable, and a haunting childhood memory.

Thread by thread, Joe unravels the tapestry of Carl’s conviction. But as he and Lila dig deeper into the circumstances of the crime, the stakes grow higher. Will Joe discover the truth before it’s too late to escape the fallout?


Have you read any of these? Anything take your fancy? Let me know!

Happy reading! xx

PS : I’m apparently back in twitter jail so if you don’t see me there, that’s why!

The Fallen Agent by Oliver Tidy @olivertidy @CarolineBookBit #blogtour

** advanced copy received via publisher **

It is my absolute pleasure to kick off the blog tour for The Fallen Agent by Oliver Tidy today! Many thanks to Caroline Vincent for the invitation to join and the advanced copy!


Author : Oliver Tidy
Title : The Fallen Agent
Series : Jess Albion #1
Pages : 310
Publisher : n/a
Publication date : October 10, 2017


Jess Albion has recently started a new life on the other side of the world with a new identity. She used to be MI5. Then a job went bad, someone died and she was made an example of in the British courts. But MI5 look after their own. Or they did until rumours of a planned Al Qaeda biological terror attack on London started circulating. Now someone in the British security services is giving agents up in return for information. No price, it seems, is too high to save London from the ultimate threat.

When Jess’s fresh start is compromised she has a choice to make: run and hide and spend the rest of her life looking over her shoulder or go looking for the threat and snuff it out. On her own, she’d run, but she has Nick on her side.


The Fallen Agent is the first book in a new series featuring protagonist Jess Albion. Jess used to be MI5 but when she was made an example off in the British courts after a case went wrong and someone died, she was made to disappear to the other side of the world.

If that sounds familiar, it might be because the story was inspired by an episode of the most brilliant British tv series ever made, namely Spooks. Since I am a huge fan and regularly watch all ten seasons again, there was no way I’d pass up the opportunity to read this one.

Jess was on trial for the murder of the son of an Albanian mafia boss. When he realises Jess wasn’t punished at all, he feels the British justice system has failed him and his son and he’s on the hunt for justice. What follows is a fantastic display of the evil games people play, as you would expect from a delightful spy story.

Oliver Tidy delivers a compelling and tense plot, full of intrigue, revenge and betrayal. And not just from the bad guys. MI5 may say they look after their own but that’s not always the case. The tension builds up nicely as the clock ticks away the minutes to stop a terrorist attack that will have devastating consequences for the entire world population.

The thrill of the chase, combined with illicit meetings and lots of action, had me hooked. Just like the show, the author has no problems whatsoever putting important characters in danger, which I can always appreciate. I thought this was a truly excellent way to kick-off a new series and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It’ll be interesting to see how the characters develop in the next instalment. I look forward to it very much.

The Fallen Agent is out today!

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Goodreads


Crime writing author Oliver Tidy has had a life-long love affair with books. He dreams of one day writing something that he could find in a beautifully-jacketed hard-cover or paperback copy on a shelf in a book shop. He’d even be happy with something taking up space in the remainder bin, on a pavement, in the rain, outside The Works.

He found the time and opportunity to finally indulge his writing ambition after moving abroad to teach English as a foreign language to young learners eight years ago.

Impatient for success and an income that would enable him to stay at home all day in his pyjamas he discovered self-publishing. He gave it go. By and large readers have been kind to him. Very kind. Kind enough that two years ago he was able to give up the day job and write full-time. Mostly in his pyjamas.

Oliver Tidy has fourteen books in three series, a couple of stand-alone novels and a couple of short story collections. All available through Amazon. Among his books are The Romney and Marsh Files (British police procedurals set in Dover) and the Booker & Cash novels, a series of private detective tales set in the south of England and published by Bloodhound Books.

Oliver is back living on Romney Marsh in the UK. His home. He still wakes in the night from time to time shouting about seeing his books on a shelf in Waterstones.

For more on Oliver Tidy and his books, check out his website or follow him on Twitter or his Facebook Author Page.