Weekly Wrap-Up (August 27)


Odd sort of week this has been, where I spent most of it getting the days completely wrong which meant the week just seemed to last longer than it should have. In positive news though, my twitter issues seem to have been resolved although my intention of spending less time there has been skewered and I’m actually more on twitter than ever before. And I’m sure you’ll all be glad to know I finally tackled my ironing pile.

Anyway, on to the books! I managed to read a respectable 6 books this week.

Books I read this week :


Books I bought this week :

Well. This should obviously had said zero, nada, zip, nothing! But my fingers slipped. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! And in my defence, it was Thursday so at least I lasted five days and not five minutes. 😂 Still, one isn’t so bad, is it? I’d feel quite proud and accomplished if the withdrawal symptoms weren’t so distracting. *twitch*



ARC’s received via Netgalley :

I do feel quite proud of myself that my self-imposed book buying ban *twitch* didn’t result in requesting all the books on Netgalley. Obviously I can show restraint if I really want to. 😏



Bookpost that arrived this week :

Really pleased with these beauties! 😍


On the blog this past week :

Monday : I shared my review for Bird Tribunal

Tuesday : I was able to share a publication day review for The Other Girl

Wednesday : Shared my thoughts on A Tapping At My Door

Thursday : Another publication day review, this one for All The Wicked Girls

Friday : Reviewed Before It’s Too Late as part of my Beat The Backlist Challenge and fulfilled an author request for Made Safe

Saturday : Joined the blog tour for No Accident

Sunday : Posted my thoughts on Dead Simple

Next week on noveldeelights :

Another intention that bit the dust is the one where I told myself I’d participate in less blog tours before my holiday. So obviously I’m doing three next week. I’ll be doing my bit for Team Bookouture with reviews for The Accident and Hide and Seek and I’ll also have a guest post for the Witch Dust blog tour which is my last hurrah for the brilliant Band Of Thieves Team.

In other news : Less than two weeks until Tuscany! I’m also still working on that giveaway I mentioned last week but I can’t quite decide when to post it 😄.

Question of the week : This is an easy one. It can be answered with a simple yes or no, though that’s not quite conducive to an interesting conversation so work with me here, people! 😂.

“Yes, it is perfectly okay to start a long-running series smack-bang in the middle and work your way backwards” OR “Nooooo! You start with book one, always! There should be a law that says so!”

Anywho, that’s it for another week! Have a great one and happy reading! xx

34 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap-Up (August 27)

  1. Ohh Maria in the moon ❤ I can't wait for that one. Oh, and I prefer to start at 1, but if someone tells me I can start later, then I do it, especially if there are like 10 already XD

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    1. I’m looking forward to reading Maria in the Moon too. And I don’t listen to other people. I must start with book one, no matter how many there are in the series. I can’t help it 😄


  2. Only six Eva? you are slacking 😂😂 guess you must have had a huge pile of ironing. I much prefer to read a series from the beginning. As for blog tours I feel so liberated not doing them although I’ve agree to five in September 🙈But it’s made me realise why I prefer not to do them x

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    1. I always leave the ironing to long which is weird as I don’t actually mind doing it. There’s just always something else more fun. It took me two hours to do. That’s half a book right there 😉

      Like you, I do have some blog tours lined up for the next few months but I’m trying to say “no” more often. It’s a completely different way of reading. It’s not that I don’t want to read the books, it just seems more stressful because you have that date in your head and my own TBR just grows higher.


  3. I try to start series at the beginning – if they can be read as standalones though, then I’ll give them a go. I’m just reading The Lighterman which is the third book of the series but I don’t feel lost or as though I’m missing out. There’s not always the time to read the ones I’ve missed.

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  4. So good to hear your ironing is done! Great books and blog tours too, good intentions are made to be broken.
    I have no issue with reading a series in the wrong order although of course it’s more sensible to start at one but being sensible is a phrase that lives in the box with good intentions 😂

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  5. Looking forward to reading your thoughts about the Vanishing of Audrey Wilde, I loved it. I don’t series very often but I think it probably helps to start at the beginning. Some books you don’t have to because the authors love to give you lots of back story all the way through lol

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  6. Ideally, I’d start a series at the beginning but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. I think it shows the writer’s skill if they can entertain readers who join midway through without boring readers who’ve read from the beginning. Must be a difficult balancing act…

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    1. Oh yes, it must be. I can’t even imagine how they go about it. I would assume having a continuing backgrounds story or arc might help in that it moves the story along and you’ll remember from previous books what happened before without the need to have everything repeated to you. I don’t know. Obviously if I did, I’d be a writer 😄

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  7. Ok to start in the middle in my book, especially if there is a blog tour going on with that book. If there isn’t a recently or to be published soon new book, then better to start at the beginning.
    I look forward to hearing your thoughts on Friend Request. And Yellow Room looks good too. Well done on buying only 1 book.

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    1. I did a blog tour for a book that ended up being book 21 in a series and it drove me mental not understanding what happened before to make the character what he was now. But there’s no way I’m catching up on the other 20 books. Not all have been translated to English for one but apparently I also have a limit. Who knew? 13 is fine, 20 is not 😂

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  8. I kinda prefer to start in the middle ‘cos I generally find the first couple of books aren’t usually the best. So quite often if I start with book 1 I’m not tempted to go on to book 2, whereas if I start with book 5 and it’s great, then I’m happy to backtrack and make allowances if the early ones are weaker.

    PS Can I send you my ironing?

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    1. Interesting way of looking at it. I mostly find that an author grows and their writing gets better so if I go backwards, I don’t tend to find the older books as good.

      PS : Of course. If you don’t need it back in a hurry. 😂

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    1. I should do that but they all sound so good that I feel I’m missing out. I’m also starting the Tess Gerritsen series soon. I forgot how many books there are but maybe that’s not a bad thing. And sometimes, I’ll start the first book in a series hoping I don’t like it so I can at least say I gave it a go 😄


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