A Killer Harvest by Paul Cleave @AtriaBooks


Author : Paul Cleave
Title : A Killer Harvest
Pages : 400
Publisher : Atria Books
Publication date : August 1, 2017


Joshua is convinced there is a family curse. It’s taken away his biological parents, robbed him of his eyesight, and is the reason his father Logan, the detective who raised him, is killed while investigating the homicide of a young woman. The suspect, Simon Bowers, is killed by Logan’s partner Ben, whose intentions are murkier than expected.

After this tragedy Joshua is handed an opportunity he can’t refuse: a new pair of eyes. But a mishap during the surgery leads to Joshua unknowingly getting one eye from his father, and the other from Simon. As Joshua navigates a world of sight, he gets glimpses of what his eyes might have witnessed in their previous life. Memories, truths, and lies Joshua discovers a world darker than the one he has emerged from. What else has he failed to see?

Meanwhile, Simon’s accomplice Vincent is bent on revenge, going after the loved ones of those involved in Simon’s death and Vincent is drawing closer and closer to Joshua.


Let me just start by saying right off the bat : if you’ve never read a Paul Cleave book, you are seriously missing out! It seems to me like not enough people are talking about him and they should be as he’s a fantastic voice in the thriller genre! I was introduced to him a few years ago by my dear friend Dom and I’ve not looked back since. I always expect some level of uniqueness from this author and once again, he absolutely delivers.

Joshua was born blind and is convinced he’s been cursed from birth. But when the man who was raising him, a police officer, is killed along with the murder suspect he was chasing, things will start to look very differently. In more ways than one. Joshua gets a new pair of eyes but due to a bit of an incident, he ends up with one eye from the police officer and one eye from the killer.

This is the sort of premise only a genius like Paul Cleave can come up with. A Killer Harvest has such a complicated and intricate plot, yet it’s executed brilliantly. There’s quite a large cast of characters but it never gets confusing. While the storyline is rather dark and disturbing at times, you can always count on the author to somehow add a dash of humour along the way. There were moments where I surprisingly snorted with laughter while being simultaneously utterly grossed out.

This is one of those books you just can’t put down, perfect for binge-reading. Well-paced, suspenseful and with a spine-chilling conclusion, it held my attention from start to finish. Yet it’s also quite thought-provoking at times as some murkier intentions come to the fore. Absolutely phenomenal! This is a must-read and I highly recommend you pick this one up and also check out Cleave’s other work. He deserves to be on everyone’s list of go-to authors and I absolutely can’t wait for whatever Paul Cleave comes up with next!

A Killer Harvest is available now!

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