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Welcome to my stop on the blog tour for That One May Smile by Valerie Keogh. I’ll be sharing an extract with you today right after the important bookish bits. Many thanks to Noelle and Kate for having me on the tour!

Valerie Keogh TOTMS

Author : Valerie Keogh
Title : That One May Smile
Pages : 310
Publisher : n/a
Publication date : June 17, 2014


When Kelly Johnson’s husband disappears, her perfect world in the Foxrock suburb of Dublin falls apart. Then she stumbles on a dead body in the graveyard behind her house.
A coincidence? Garda Sergeant Mike West thinks so until he finds a link between the dead body and Kelly’s missing husband.

And then to add to the problem, Kelly disappears.

The investigation takes West first to Cornwall and then to Cork, on the trail of a tangled case involving identity theft, blackmail and illegal drugs. And as if the complications of the case weren’t enough there is the constant, irritating – and definitely unsuitable – attraction, to the beautiful Kelly, who will keep disappearing!


Climbing back into the car, West cast a glance over Kelly who appeared calmer and concentrated on turning the car in the narrow road. They had to return to Falmouth, to the Divisional Headquarters whose morgue now held the body of Cyril Pratt aka Simon Johnson.

‘Where did it happen?’ Kelly asked once the car was heading in the right direction. In her mind she was picturing Simon injured in his car, calling for her. She closed her eyes tightly on the image. My poor Simon!

West’s words shattered the image. ‘It wasn’t a car-crash, Kelly,’ he told her. He looked at her quickly seeing the expectant look on her face. There was no easy way to say it. There never was. ‘Your car was found on the outskirts of Falmouth yesterday evening. Simon was sitting in the front seat. He had been strangled.’

Kelly gasped. ‘He was murdered?’ She gave a high-pitched hysterical laugh. ‘Of course he was murdered, idiot. It’s impossible to strangle yourself.’ She wrung her hands together in distress, tears now flowing freely down her face. Simon was murdered, Simon was murdered, the three words repeating on a loop she thought she would hear forever.


I hope that teaser has made you curious enough to go and pick up this book!

That One May Smile is available now!

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Valerie Keogh is from Dublin but currently lives with her husband and two cats ten miles from Bath, U.K. She works two to three days a week as a nurse and spends the other days writing. That One May Smile is the first of her crime series, the Garda West series, based in  Ireland. She also writes a series based in the U. K, the Hudson and Connolly series, about a female serial killer who works with the police. There is also a stand-alone psychological thriller, Exit Five from Charing Cross. When not working or writing she likes to walk along the Kennet and Avon canal, daydreaming and working out plots. She also loves to travel and usually comes home with a new story to write. She is partial to lemon drizzle cak, crusty bread with hummus, and wine.

Facebook: Valerie Keogh

Twitter: @ValerieKeogh1


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