Weekly Wrap Up (May 28)


It was/is a long weekend here which basically means a bunch of people did/do all they could/can to take away my precious reading time. So rude. But their evil tactics didn’t work and I still managed to read 8 books. Thank you sleepless nights. I actually thought it was less when I started this post so I’m really not complaining. Much.

Books I read this week :

Books I bought this week :

Another three. I just can’t help myself apparently. I should be sorry. #notsorry

ARC’s received from Netgalley :

Two. Which is bad considering I am on a temporary self-imposed half-assed ban as I have a multitude of other books I should be reading first but even sitting on my hands didn’t work as I tried to hit the request button with my nose. I can’t even begin to describe the look I got from the OH in that moment.

On the other hand, posting my review for The Weight of Lies on Netgalley yesterday got me the badge for 25 reviews so I feel quite accomplished, as it goes. 😄

Bookpost that arrived this week :

A big fat zero of humongous nothingness. Does that fall into the category of blogger fail?

 On the blog this past week :

Monday : I was on the blog tour for Finding Alison

Wednesday : This Week in Books which I actually stuck to for the first time! Go me!

Thursday : Kicked off the blog tour for The Revelation Room

Friday : Posted my review for The Killer on the Wall

Saturday : Shared my review for Hell’s Gate

Next week on noveldeelights :

Next week is going to be a busy one on the blog. I will be on a few more blog tours including One To Watch by Rachel Amphlett and Vile City by Jennifer Lee Thomson. And I’ll also be sharing reviews for … erm, whatever takes my fancy on that day, really. Schedule? What schedule?

Also, after much consideration, I have decided to drop star ratings from my blog so my posts will look a little different from now on. I will obviously still be using them on Goodreads and Amazon, because you have to but not here. I am hopeful (ha!) that my reviews on their own will let you know how I felt about a book without the rating. I may still change my mind in the future. Pretty sure my middle name is fickle.

Finally, just a wee reminder that I’ve been nominated for the Best Newcomer award at the Blogger Awards. There are a few more days left for you to cast your vote and I’d be ever so grateful if you would consider me. 😊

Have a fantabulous week and happy reading! xx

19 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up (May 28)

  1. I can’t wait to know what you thought of One to Watch, I’m on the tour too! I wrote my review, which is shorter than usual because when it’s a series, I keep my lips very very sealed :p Good luck with your new review system without stars 🙂 I’m sure your reviews will be enough for us to understand your feelings about the books!

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  2. I’m on a self imposed Netgalley ban (well sort of) – but not very successfully. I’ll go on intending just to leave a review and think “Whilst I’m logged on I’ll just see if X is available……! Was your nose any good at hitting the request button? – if not try your toe next time! :)x

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    1. Oh, it’s hard, isn’t it? I’m so behind on things I should be reading for blog tours and review requests but Netgalley always seems to have the better options 😄.

      My toe? Erm, I’m not that flexible anymore! 😂

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  3. 8 books – wow, well done. I’ve dropped ratings on my reviews as well although I’ve copped out slightly by showing the ratings on my reading list page so people can see them if they want to… It’s liberating not having a rating when writing the review, you somehow feel you don’t have to justify the rating.

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  4. I have been trying to accept / request less review copies too, but my tbr doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller! 😉
    I also don’t use stars on my blog reviews, I’m not sure why, I never started with the stars, so I never really changed to putting them. I do, as you will use them on Goodreads and Amazon. But as those reviews come after my blog reviews, its easier to decide.
    Happy Reading

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  5. Wow 9 books with people taking away your reading time? I’m speechless; you’re a reading monster! I have Reported Missing and The Stolen Girls coming up some time soon as well… I hope you will enjoy your books this week! ❤

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