Weekly Wrap Up (May 21)


What a week it has been! We had the hottest day of the year so far and I finally got to spend some time in my garden. Pulling weeds, sadly. Not sitting on my bum reading in a comfy chair. I welcomed my guest reviewer Christine to the blog, who’s brilliant. And to top it all off, I was somehow nominated in the Best Newcomer category for the Blogger Awards. (please vote! 😂). I haven’t stopped smiling since and I’m most grateful to the person who nominated me. I’m in incredible company and I wish all of my fellow book bloggers the best of luck!

As far as reading goes, well, definitely slacking off this week and I only managed 5 books. Which is still better than Lorraine. 🤣

Books I read this week :

Books I bought this week :

Only three this week. Which was three more than I planned at the start of the week.

ARC’s received from Netgalley :

Bookpost that arrived this week :

My very first order from the Book Depository, adding to my Orenda collection and completing the Henning Juul series.

On the blog this past week :

Monday : Review for the fab Handcuffs, Truncheon and Polyester Thong

Tuesday : First guest review by Christine who shared her thoughts on Desperation Road

Wednesday : I was on the blog tour for Not Your Average Nurse

Thursday : Reviewed The Freedom Broker

Friday : Christine reviewed Ten Birthdays

Saturday : I posted my review for Dead Woman Walking

Next week on noveldeelights :

I’ll definitely be on two blog tours. I know that much. I’ll be hosting a stop on the tours for Finding Alison by Deirdre Eustace and The Revelation Room by Mark Tilbury. As always, I do have a schedule for the rest of the week but we all know what happens to that when I’m in charge.

Have a brilliant week and happy reading! xx

14 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up (May 21)

  1. Lol, lol, Dee! You make me laugh. And what a treasure trove of great book ideas you dropped in there today. I will have fun sorting them out. And last, but not least, major congrats on your nomination!

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  2. I’m so happy for your nomination! 😀 Two Sisters and The Serial Killer’s Daughter are at the top of my TBR! Better start reading them soon!!! I also bought Baby Dear, couldn’t resist! I bought the Enger books a month ago and I’ve been resisting to buy Cursed until I get to all the others first, haha

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  3. Lucky you for good weather! Down here it’s been raining for four days straight and it’s freezing… Almost like Winter came early this year. xD I need to read both The Serial Killer’s Daughter and Two Sisters ASAP! Did you like them and which of the two should I read first? Happy reading! 😘

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    1. If it makes you feel better, it was just one day! 😄

      Let’s see, tough choice, but I’m going to go for The Serial Killer’s Daughter. I gave both 4 stars but felt Two Sisters was a tad slow and a bit more predictable than the other one. 😘

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      1. Hmmm..I debated between which of the two to request as I’m trying to keep some sort of control over my Net Galley numbers and I picked Two Sisters. I think I will enjoy Two Sisters, but maybe I should just bite the bullet and request the Murderer’s daughter too.


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