Weekly Wrap Up (April 30)


It’s been a particularly horrendous week and my reading took a bit of a backseat. I’ve “only” managed to read 4 books.

Books I read this week:


Books I bought this week :


Received from Netgalley :

On the blog this past week :

WordPress threw a temper tantrum on Friday and didn’t share my scheduled post. Otherwise I would have posted every day. Grumble.

Last Sunday, I shared my review for Play Dead by Angela Marsons

On Monday, I reviewed The Crying Boy by Jane E. James

My first ever blog tour participation was on Tuesday with K.L. Loveley’s Alice

Wednesday was reserved for my weekly “what are you reading?” post and I also finished my Kim Stone series challenge and posted my review for Blood Lines by Angela Marsons

On Thursday I shared my review for The Returning Tide by Liz Fenwick.

And finally on Saturday, it was time to review Dead Souls by Angela Marsons (which should have posted on Friday, in case you missed me mentioning that once or twice before)

Next week on the blog :

Who the heck knows? I certainly don’t. Except for Wednesday, when I’ll be hosting the Watch You Burn blog tour. Everything else is entirely up in the air. I do so like to “wing it”.

What have you found to read this week? What did you buy/receive/borrow? Curious minds and all that!

Have a great week and happy reading! xx

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