Sometimes I Lie – Alice Feeney



My name is Amber Reynolds. There are three things you should know about me.

1. I’m in a coma

2. My husband doesn’t love me anymore

3. Sometimes I lie

My thoughts :

Isn’t that the most fantastic description ever? It tells you a lot and yet nothing at the same time. However, it’s so intriguing that I bet you’re curious! I know I was.

Now, yes, I’m fully aware that I quite confidently announced a hiatus from psychological thrillers. I totally blame Lorraine and Joanne for my falling off the wagon. I have a feeling they won’t be sorry but neither am I because this is one fabulous psychological thriller that will mess with your head like you wouldn’t believe!

I blatantly refuse to tell you any more about the plot than what’s mentioned in the description. That right there should intrigue you and draw you in. The less you know when you start reading, the better. Suffice to say there are plenty of twists and turns that will leave you feeling like a cartoon figure who’s just been hit over the head with a hammer. Multiple times.

Alice Feeney has come up with a most intricate plot that will have you hooked from the very first page. Engrossing, compelling, a fabulous page turner and yes, another contender for book of the year! Absolutely loved it!

Sometimes I Lie was published on March 23rd and you should drop everything and run off to buy it NOW!

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