What I never told you – Louise Mullins



Two women’s lives collide when a husband, father, and son is accused of unspeakable crimes.

Anthony Wells is arrested on suspicion of obtaining indecent images of minors.

His mother, Teresa, is forced to look back on her life from the day her son was born. She feels shame and guilt. Did she raise a monster or was he born this way? Ah yes, the nature versus nurture dilemma. There’s definitely food for thought here.

Kate was abused as a teenager and has kept this secret for decades, even from her own husband. Anthony’s arrest opens  up old wounds and may make her whole life come crashing down around her.

The story is told through alternating chapters. There’s Kate who’s struggling to keep up the facade, which makes for a sad tale. There’s Teresa looking back on the past, on Anthony’s difficult childhood. And finally the detectives working on the case.

While What I Never Told You is a psychological thriller, it’s also incredibly heartbreaking at times. All the characters are complex and damaged. You can’t help but wonder if things had turned out this way if they’d gotten the help they so desperately needed.

This is one gripping and pacy read with a twist I didn’t see coming at all. Very unexpected and I still have a hard time figuring out a certain character’s actions. Some of it doesn’t sit right with me but I will let you make your own conclusions. I do love a book that makes me think.

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